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About the Evolvis software

Evolvis – Make it into a project!

evolvis stems from the latin verb “evolvere” and means “you evolve”. “Evolution” as well traces back to this word. is a project platform for open source software / free software projects, the publicly available instance of the Evolvis platform that used to be provided by tarent solutions GmbH and is currently transitioning to a private individual as owner. Here, developers and other project participants can find many things needed for developing a free software project:
source code management, bug/issue tracking, discussion board (forum), task tracking, release and document management, downloads and more. (Mailing lists are, unfortunately, currently unavailable because Python has reached end of life.)

For the avoidance of doubt, let it be spelled out explicitly: Evolvis is an open source developing and sharing platform and thus not an online content sharing service provider per Directive 52016PC0593.

EvolvisForge helps you manage the entire development life cycle

EvolvisForge has tools to help your team collaborate, like message forums and mailing lists; tools to create and control access to git. EvolvisForge automatically creates a repository and controls access to it depending on the role-based access control settings of the project.

Additional Features:

  • Manage File Releases.
  • Document Management.
  • News announcements.
  • Issue tracking with "unlimited" numbers of categories, text fields, etc.
  • Task management.
  • A powerful plugin system to add new features.

What's new in EvolvisForge

  • Mailing lists disabled, but the old mailing list archives are still available.
  • Standardised JSON format access to information about users, their roles in groups, tasks and tracker items, for interfacing with other systems.
  • Based on FusionForge 5.1.
  • New Evolvis Theme.
  • New UI and features for the document manager (download as zip, locking, referencing documents by URL) (Capgemini).
  • New progress bar displaying completion state of trackers using a custom status field.
  • Improved sorting in trackers (Alcatel-Lucent).
  • More flexible and more powerful role-based access control system (Coclico).
  • New unobtrusive tooltip system based on jQuery and tipsy to replace old help window (Alcatel-Lucent).
  • scmgit plugin: Personal Git repositories for project members (AdaCore).
  • Template projects: there can be several of them, and users registering new projects can pick which template to clone from for their new projects (Coclico).
  • Simplified configuration system, using standard *.ini files.
  • Reorganised, modular Apache configuration.
  • Many improvements to the trackers: configurable display, workflow management, links between artifacts, better searches, and more.
  • New extratabs plugin.
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Evolvis is running EvolvisForge version 200
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