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Project: evolvis (inactive)
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Posted by: Thorsten Glaser
Date: 2012-03-23 10:32
Summary: Evolvis 5 goes Production!
Project: evolvis (inactive)

The next generation of the EvolvisForge software goes Production! Our APT Repository – https://evolvis.evolvis.org/debidx.htm – now has the “production” suite pointed to “evolvis51” instead of “evolvis48”, but you can stick to the “oldstable” suite (or of course specify the version numerically), cf. https://evolvis.evolvis.org/sources.txt

The evolvis.org installation will be upgraded to the new codebase on Fri 23 Mar 2012 starting at 16:00 UTC. We expect this will take a while but not be problematic at all. Migration involves installing PostgreSQL 8.4 from lenny-backports, moving the database, checking with EvolvisForge 4.8 whether the move succeeded, pointing /etc/apt/sources.list.d/evolvis.list to the 5.1 repository, upgrading, fixing the SSL certificate symlinks, checking, and if everything worked dropping PostgreSQL 8.3 (which served as a backup in case we need to roll back). On non-public instances, you’d also need to write new HTTP Basic Auth stanzas into the webserver configuration (so drop any accesses to Port 80 and 443 during the upgrade), but that’s not necessary here.

Furthermore, Evolvis 5.1 is in a shape such that one could afterwards upgrade their system from lenny to wheezy (via squeeze, which we however WILL NOT support). This does require keeping the mailman package from the Evolvis APT Repository and setting git and gitweb on hold, for now. A subsequent Evolvis 5 full-release will formalise the switch from Debian lenny to Debian wheezy and provide an updated mailman and changed symlinks to accomodate for the changes in gitweb. We expect this to happen before or during the wheezy freeze and are confident in its quality already. (What however WILL NOT happen is to change the MediaWiki version to 1.18 – we will use the 1.15 based integration for quite a while longer, and probably keep patching it ourselves in the event 1.18 should be uploaded to wheezy/sid.)

The Evolvis Platform will have a future inside tarent solutions GmbH as we are reforming the project team. An addition to the Evolvis Platform (which already consists of at least the EvolvisForge software with (nowadays) integrated MediaWiki and Jenkins) will be the tarent-internal time tracking system, and we’re already thinking about others, especially for generating more reports. While we cannot guarantee that the entire Evolvis Platform and all of its components can be published and Open Source, we’ll try to (as it’s part of the company philosophy); the EvolvisForge component will continue to be available under the GNU GPLv2 however, and we’re pushing back changes to FusionForge when suitable. More about the Platform and Project in a subsequent news or blog – http://evolvisforge.blog.tarent.de/ – posting.
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