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Hi András,

at the moment we prefer usage of the SWT packages as GUI solution.
The support is nearly complete, so you can develop against standard
desktop SWT libraries (e.g. from the eclipse project). Of course testing
on the real device is necessary too, but not that often.
We also provide matching x86 SWT libraries, in our maven repository:
Maybe swing/AWT is an option for you, too. It does not have the native
gtk look and feel, (like SWT with the gtk peers), but has a zero porting
effort for you.
I have tested your Swing application on my n810/Maemo4 (OpenMoko should
be the same result). It starts, but has an exception with the map
rendering, because of a missing Java1.6 String constructor:

Exception in thread "Thread-42" java.lang.NoSuchMethodError:
   at hu.schmidtsoft.map.util.BinaryReader.readString(Unknown Source)

If you send me a changed .jar, I will give it another try.

It would be good to compare the essential drawing performance between
SWT's and Swing's graphics backends on the devices. Also note, that
there are some open issues for swing at the moment (Menu bar on OpenMoko
and text input on maemo). But they may not affect you with your
application on openmoko.

Schmidt András schrieb:
> Hi!
> I am new to Jalimo.
> I am developing a map viewing application for handheld devices, 
> especially the OpenMoko platform (http://sf.net/projects/yamamap) in 
> Java and .NET.
> I have developed the .NET version to let it work on Windows based PDAs. 
> Now that the OpenMoko platform is becoming stable it is time for me to 
> optimize the GUI for it.
> Because I have a .NET and a Java version as well I can choose which one 
> to port for the phone.
> Personally I prefer Java, but Mono GTK wrapper seems to be more advanced 
> than java-gnome. So I would like to test the Jalimo platform so I can 
> make the right decision.
> I have some questions:
>     * Is it possible to install Jalimo to the PC?
You may use a recent gnu classpath based runtime and the mentioned SWT
libraries, to get a best matching environment.

> I have no OpenMoko capable device (freerunner) yet, but I would like to 
> test my program on the Jalimo platform.
> (I am using Ubuntu Gutsy.)
>     * What version of Java does Jalimo support?
> I have read somewhere that the GNU classpath is Java 5 SE compatible 
> (more or less). I could not find whether Cacao is Java 5 binary 
> compatible or not.
It is binary compatible with Java1.6, even anotations and generics work.
  The class library implements the most of java 1.5.

>     * Do you think the java-gnome library will advance in the near future?
> Jalimo page states: "The project is in a rewrite and the api coverage is 
> not complete, yet." Once I have tried Java gnome wrappers but I found 
> them a little bit messy.  They were incomplete and there was no sign of 
> any activity around the project.
Yes, I think, they will grow, but for us the effort is to high to cover
every release, at the moment. We don't have up to date java-gnome
bindings at the moment, because there would be some gtk 2.10 back
porting for each release. It seems, that the most people want to see the
SWT and Swing on the devices.
Now, that we have a robust SWT, we will look on the swing issues, as
next. Maybe we come back to java-gnome after that.

>     * Is 3D API planned for Jalimo?
not yet planed.

- --Sebastian

> The freerunner has 3D acceleration. Using some 3D API for rendering the 
> maps would offer great performance and allow some nice effects. I know 
> that 3D driver for freerunner is not ready yet, but I would like to know 
> whether it will be available in Java or not.
> Thanks,
> Schmidt András
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