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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
mksh (56b.20171017+wtf1) wtf; urgency=medium
Comment: ☃ ЦΤℱ—8 ☕☂☄


mirabilos (5):
      update (patch) from MirBSD CVS
      before I forget that for next time…
      Merge branch 'master' of /home/tglase/mbsd/DEB/mksh/
      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:MirBSD/mksh
      bump; lintian’s happy this time \o/

tg (22):
      remove redundant OS/2 codes (from komh)
      fix part of realpath for drive-qualified DOS paths:
      turns out the slash was already added (later), 10x komh
      introduce mksh_drvltr(s) short-hand macro
      keep drive letter when simplifying path (untested)
      inline OS/2’s mksh_sdirsep() into its mksh_vdirsep()     because we must separate these two
      eval.c has the only mksh_sdirsep caller and uses it on substrings,     so OS/2 drive letter checks are not correct there
      update comment to unpuzzle a future me
      all uses of mksh_vdirsep should exclude “\builtin” from triggering it
      further OS/2 fixes for simplify_path()
      mksh_abspath() on OS/2 now requires a dir separator after the drive letter     and colon for it to recognise a pathname as absolute, as it should be
      handle drive-qualified nōn-absolute pathnames in do_realpath(), untested
      note on rooted pathnames, concept found in original pdksh which had     various forms of path attributes (not just absolute or not), though     we shouldn’t just copy theirs either
      apply fixes from code review by @komh
      komh says these are redundant
      fix a longstanding double substitution
      move slashifying of PATH, TMPDIR and two OS/2-specific variables from     OS/2-specific to common DOSPATH-specific code (ifdef for the latter two)
      fix “cd e:foo” on DOSPATH systems (I think)
      add MKSH_ENVDIR code for Jehanne (OS by Shamar (giacomotesio) from IRC):     instead of parsing extern char **environ; read it from a filesystem     (typical for Plan 9, though this one is __jehanne__ per ifdef)
      move getdrvwd() declaration out of OS/2-specific part:     each MKSH_DOSPATH port is required to define it (and, later, others)
      apply another quickfix by komh
      tentatively fix Debian #878947 by putting an end to (some) nesting


Supplemental git repository wtf-mksh for Evolvis project useful-scripts
(Evolvis project useful-scripts repository wtf-mksh)

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