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Welcome to the clerk Wiki!

clerk currently consists of three modules:
  • clerk-core is the basic engine for all clerk-frontends. More...
  • clerk-cli is a command-line interface for clerk. More...
  • clerk-swing provides a Swing-based graphical user interface for clerk. More...
Clerk screenie.png

What is clerk ?

Clerk is an easy to use tool for creating and archiving letters based on LaTeX-templates.

You can use arbitary LaTeX-documents (e.g. dinbrief, scrlttr2, g-brief, letter) as templates for clerk and just need to place markers for the desired fields in it (like name, address, etc.). The clerk standard installation already contains a basic letter template so you can start off instantly!

Besides a command-line interface we also provide a graphical interface based on Java Swing. GUIs using other toolkits can easily be created due to a modular structure.


Clerk is currently in an early development stage. For our plans see the Roadmap. The first release 0.1 is targeted for Spring 2010.