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Admin / user management

Tagging across blogs

To aggrate blogs while sorting them by categoreis we need a common social bookmarking solution where we can tag blog entries, documents, whatever using a shared category tree. By now we evaluate a few bookmarking tools, which are available as OSS. For further infomation see [1].

RSS Import

We need Wordpress RSS import functionality to integrate rss into blogs easily

Planet / Aggregator

Purpose of the planet ist to collect and display blog entrys in one user interface. This enables a fast an comfortable access to all Blog Posts of all project members. By tagging the post can be displayed and search by common criterias. We plan to use planet as a feed integration solution. You can see this solution working at:

just to pick some examples.


You can install the package from [2] or just install the debian package (also named planet). Planet requires Python >=2.2 . Planet uses the htmltmpl templating engine to output static files in any format.


For a periodically update add a shell script to cron.

cd /path/to/planet
/usr/bin/python evolvis/fancy/config.ini