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The Evolvis platform

The evolvis platform is built on different software parts. The goal of this wiki is to dokument all changes, modifications and extensions of the used software. It should be possible to build your own evolvis platform with this wiki.
evolvis is a complex platform, integrating different services into one solution. Benefits are:

  • one account for all systems, integrated user management
  • best of breed concept: specialized leading Open Source solutions for all task of software development, distribution, community and business integration
  • powerful toolset, which helps all participants (users, developers, quality management, project managers, customers) to focus on their tasks
  • a set of communication tools, automatic creation of project Wikis, support for creating productsites, forums, mailinglists, Instant Messaging

Our motivation to build and publish evolvis on our own repository (which runs under evolvis) was, that we saw some gforge implementations, but most of them do not publish their source code. In addition we had special needs and visions about how to create, manage and maintain software today in a the productive way.
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Please don't post host specific configuration details or files to this wiki!