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Jalimo is a project to maintain a full featured free Java-like stack for mobile Linux-based devices. The aim is to pack and tailor existing JVM-related projects, as well as to develop APIs and tools for easy integration and development for the target platforms.

We have the aim to let a platform evolve, beyond the runtimes, which solves recurring problems, every Java developer hits when he or she targets a Linux embedded platform. The primary targets are the Maemo and OpenMoko. If you would like to see Jalimo going in any direction or you think, Jalimo should cover additional packages and platforms, please get in contact - Jalimo is a collaborative effort!


To ask questions, send patches etc. Please use the mailing-list oder reach us live in #jalimo at irc.freenode.net!

Current State

Our Environment is based on CacaoJVM, JamVM, GNU Classpath. We have robust working environments and packages for OpenMoko, Maemo and the Irex Iliad. Based on OpenEmbedded, we have a single build system for our target platforms and can easily add additional targets. All recipes are now in the openembedded-dev repository and will soon vanish from our overlay. So please adjust your config.

Depending on the target platform, we work with different GUI solutions: We recommend using Eclipse SWT. For OpenMoko there is a running AWT and Swing stack available in addition to that.

Evolvis Project News

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