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This is an overview of the interwiki table. Meanings of the data in the columns:

PrefixInterwiki prefix to be used in [[prefix:pagename]] wikitext syntax.
URLTemplate for URLs. The placeholder $1 will be replaced by the pagename of the wikitext, when the abovementioned wikitext syntax is used.
ForwardAn http request to the local wiki with this interwiki prefix in the URl is:
nonot honored, usually blocked by "page not found",
yesredirected to the target URL given in the interwiki link definitions (i.e. treated like references in local pages)
TranscludeIf wikitext syntax {{prefix:pagename}} is used, then:
yesallow transclusion from the foreign wiki, if interwiki transclusions are generally permitted in this wiki,
nodo not allow it, rather look for a page in the template namespace.

See for more information about the interwiki table. There is a log of changes to the interwiki table.

Prefix URL Forward Transclude
osiam-intern$1 yes no
polaris$1 yes no
freedroidz$1 yes no
doctor$1 yes no
eneuron$1 yes no
portletutils$1 yes no
fitz-oss$1 yes no
ev-auth-cis$1 yes no
makerbot$1 yes no
opreco$1 yes no
syncphony$1 yes no
html5manifest$1 yes no
pspringutils$1 yes no
lessismore$1 yes no
nx-mobile$1 yes no
gwt-ws$1 yes no
libwallet$1 yes no
kaliko$1 yes no
siam$1 yes no
lwuimb$1 yes no
portletskel$1 yes no
liboffice$1 yes no
scio$1 yes no
ldap-proxy$1 yes no
qstool$1 yes no
susci$1 yes no
tarentdatabase$1 yes no
taboms$1 yes no
opentim$1 yes no
mvn-remote-test$1 yes no
evo-mvn-base$1 yes no
lr-service-api$1 yes no
mvn-archetypes$1 yes no
mevolvis$1 yes no
mvn-gf-plugin$1 yes no
lucy$1 yes no
eticket$1 yes no
evolvis-platfrm$1 yes no
mvn-wsp-plugin$1 yes no
evolvis-demo$1 yes no
fupco$1 yes no
parm-enc-filter$1 yes no
simple-paging$1 yes no
js-junit-bridge$1 yes no
kolab-ws$1 yes no
tarentcommons$1 yes no
cucumberprj$1 yes no
vescom$1 yes no
osiam$1 yes no
riedelvm$1 yes no
evolvis$1 yes no
icinga-automat$1 yes no
plas2013$1 yes no
adm6$1 yes no
dmsapi$1 yes no
ewe$1 yes no
clerk$1 yes no
jalimo$1 yes no
freifunk-bonn$1 yes no
nuyo$1 yes no
mvn-pkg-plugin$1 yes no
exceptionutils$1 yes no
jenkins-config$1 yes no
octopus$1 yes no
tarent-config$1 yes no
kwip$1 yes no
nic$1 yes no
profs$1 yes no
azubi-docs$1 yes no
advproxy$1 yes no
azubitodo$1 yes no
ngop$1 yes no
veraweb$1 yes no