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About lucy

lucy makes it easy to integrate many kinds of informations into a web search. It offers you to search through an index lucy generates continually. On the base of a highly featured search engine (lucene), lucy makes it easy to integrate different datasources into a single search interface. lucy is structured into 3 Parts:

  • An Indexer, which takes care of the Information to be searched
  • A User Interface, which makes it easy to use and integrate into websites
  • A Administrative Interface where you can control an configure lucy.

Technical Overview

  • lucy-indexer is written in JAVA.
  • lucy-ui is based on Google Web Toolkit.
  • it is based on the Lucene library
  • configuration with xml files and Firefox search integration is possible.
  • getting search results by webservice is possible.
  • indexing routine runs as a cronjob in configureable intervals.

lucy packages

For implementation of the search engine lucene is used as basic library.Lucene offers a range of classes and functions which makes us allow to generate a database alike file, the index.Data is coming through a common select statement. lucy consists of 3 packages:
1. lucy-indexer 2. lucy-ui 3. lucy-admin

  • The first package is the lucy-indexer package which is the core of lucy, responsible for indexing the systems and for delivering search results.
  • The second package is the lucy-ui. Ui stands for user interface, so lucy-ui offers the webinterface for searching on the index and getting results in a lucid overview.
  • The third package lucy-admin stands in the future and does not exist yet as code. But lucy-admin will offer the user to administer lucy per webinterface.