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This pages is about the 4th generation of the packaging plugin. Example for the 3rd and 2nd generations look at: Sample_Configuration_3_x and Sample_Configuration_2_x respectively.

Plugin repository

To use the plugin, you have to configure the evolvis maven plugin repository in your ~/.m2/settings.xml, or in the pom.xml of your project.

        <name> release repository</name>

Example 1

				<maintainer>Maintainer Name Jr.</maintainer>
					<defaultDistro>ubuntu_lucid</defaultDistro> <!-- Not needed if distros.size() == 1 -->
					<release>Release Number XX</release>
					<!-- Following sections are not mandatory -->
						<!-- List of dependencies that will be set to the package, that may 
							not be maven dependencies, but needed anyway. -->
						<!-- Denotes system configuration files to be included in the package. 
							Similar sections are auxFiles, dataFiles, jniFiles, etc. -->
						<!-- Stores upload parameters for the pkg:upload goal. Tested URI schemes
						 are file:// scpexe:// and debapt:// (for other untested URI schemes, prease
						refer to the codehaus wagon-maven-plugin documentation -->
						<!-- Although not recommended, the values of the placeholders %USERNAME% and
						%PASSWORD% can be used to include these parameters in the destination urls,
						in combination with the elements below -->