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Note: This informations describe primary the new octopus version which is still in development.

Here can you find the old documentation and the downloads.

octopus 2

Here you find an unordered wish-list.

Firstly read the Introduction to understand what is the octopus, from where it comes and where it goes.


Octopus-parts 1a.pngOctopus-parts 1b.png
Octopus-parts 2a.pngOctopus-parts 2b.png

On the technique side the new octopus framework consist many improvements:

  • Webservice Standard Support (Apache CXF based)
    • Which support a long list of JAX-* and WS-* standards
    • Extended with an security layer for role based service access.
    • Support for live deployment and monitoring (which also include the webapplication part).
    • Agile development with scripting languages and service aggregation with XML.
  • Webapplication framework which combines Web 2.0 and SOA
    • An webapplication framework based on experience from the tarent-octopus framework.
    • For creating standalone and portlet applications in different template languages.
    • Supports direct (performance) and webservice (SOA) based connection to your services.
    • Allow you to generate every other (binary) content.
  • Support for an event driven architecture
    • Queuing requests and events internal and external
    • Create aspect orientated applications which can subscribe (pub-sub) any service.
  • Supports EJB 3.0
    • Modules could be deployed as webservice and enterprise java bean.
    • Includes many modules which are usable from EJB 3.0, too.