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MediaWiki has been successfully installed.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.




The program creates Files or sequences of characters, they are needed for example for testing software. It writes a sequence of characters in the file in a way, you can choose.

Using the program

The first, you see, when you start the program, is:


Here are 2 possibilities and the menu available. In the menu you can change the settings default sequence and default filename, which are preset, if you create a file or a sequence of characters(see below).

...Zeichen in einer gewissen Anzahl erstellen:

You choose this option, if you want to create a number of characters or write a number of characters in a file. This option is also able to create a sequence of charcters.

The program will show following window:


Now you can enter some data.

  • in the border "Anzahl der Zeichen", you can enter the number of characters
  • in the border "Reihenfolge", you can choose characters, which will be iterated as long as the desired number of characters is reached. It's also possible to enter your own sequence, you want to iterate. Therefor choose "eigene Reihenfolge" in the drop-down-menu and enter the sequence in the textfield, that you can see now
  • in the border "Leerzeichen zulassen", you can allow blanks or not
  • in the border "Zeilenumbrüche", you can enter behind how many characters qstool sets a new line. This is only optionally

Caution!: a blank or a new line is counted as one character!

Now click on the button "Zeichen erstellen" and qstool produces the characters. After that you see them in a textfield, which you can edit. Besides there are three basic options:

  1. The button "Mehr Zeichen hinzufügen": you keep the characters and add other ones, which you create as the old characters
  2. The button "Andere Zeichen erzeugen": here you come back to the first window. The characters will be deleted!
  3. The button "Ja": here you can save the characters as a file. The following window is displayed:

    Enter the file format, the filename with the directory and, if you've selected txt, the encoding. Now, if you click on "Datei erstellen", qstool creates the new file.

...Dateien in einer bestimmten Größe erstellen:

You choose this possibility to create a new file in a defined size. This window will be showed:


Enter the filesize, you like to create, in the border "Dateigröße". The other borders are very similar to the borders, which are described this side up. If you choosed txt, qstool creates a long character string with the desired character sequences and writes them in the file. The file size grows up with the size of the string. If you choosed pdf, its a little differend. qstool write the character sequence only one time in the file. Internally qstool creates a long character string and writes them in the metadata.

The menu

  1. Standardreihenfolge ändern:
    Here you can add new or edit the character sequences, which are given, if you create a number of characters or a file. There are 14 sequences you can't edit or delete.
  2. Standarddateiname ändern:
    Here you can change the default filename, which is given, if you create a new file.


qstool can't write the file:

  • make shure, that the directory exists
  • try an other encoding
  • be patient. Maybe, qstool needs a little more time
  • try a smaller file size

qstool doesn't create characters:

  • maybe, you entered the new line after 0 characters. Qstool create only line breaks
  • try to create a little less characters