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susci is a simple object / relational / directory persistence API, and no RDBMS/object mapper, but (will) supports some as storage backend, inclusive some which access RDBMS.

The target is supporting java developers quering and storing data from and into many different storages, like:

  • RDBMS, different storage backends will be supported, like tarent-database (not yet) or hibernate (not yet)
  • Directories like LDAP or Microsoft ADS
  • Webservices which provides data, like tarent-broker, which is easy to extend.
  • Pure in-memory backend for testing and small object cache.


  • db4o as direct ODBMS
  • Different CSV files and formats
  • OpenDocument ODS Spreadsheats
  • Microsoft Excel documents before Office 2007
  • Microsoft OpenXML spreadsheat documents

Simultaneous we support different query languages and convert them internal. So you can use your favourite QL further and mustn't change this in your project if you have more than one data storage.

  • LDAP query language
  • javax.managment.Query* classes

It's really small.

  • Download susci: ~5 MB (with all dependenies and source code)
  • Download hibernate: ~20 MB (core package)

Free and Open Source

This project is free to use for commercial and non-commercial projects and all source code is provided. It is licensed under the GNU GPL v2 license. We would be glad if you told us about where it is used though and testimonials are especially appreciated. Please spread the word if you like this project!

Likewise we welcome bug reports and feedback at our issue tracking or mailinglist. It will lead to improvements, we promise.

This project have a Zero Bugs! and High Test Coverage Policy!

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