2021-02-01 mirabilosuse the correct space master antimicro-3.1.4-1
2021-02-01 mirabilosforward all patches
2021-02-01 mirabilosfix another thing
2021-02-01 mirabilosoops
2021-02-01 mirabilosthis might be an even more palatable approach
2021-02-01 mirabilos… in all varieties
2021-02-01 mirabiloslet’s try an upstreamable approach
2021-02-01 mirabilosmore spelling
2021-02-01 mirabilosfix them more
2021-02-01 mirabilosthis may just as well go to sid so upstream can test...
2021-02-01 mirabilosthis probably should do the trick
2021-02-01 mirabilosclean up after upstream’s installer
2021-02-01 mirabilosdisable tests until they build
2021-02-01 mirabilosok… it works… now we “just” need to get this to build…
2021-02-01 mirabiloslintian the source package
2021-02-01 mirabiloslet’s try without this first
2021-02-01 mirabilosrefresh and update patches
2021-02-01 mirabilosMerge tag 'antimicro-3.1.4' into experimental
2021-02-01 mirabilosprepare for the new version and modernise packaging
2021-01-31 mirabilosantimicro_3.1.4.orig.tar.gz upstream antimicro-3.1.4
2021-01-31 mirabilosswitch to
2020-11-30 mirabilosneed to conflict with upstream’s binary .deb
2020-11-30 mirabilosprepare switching to the actively developed fork
2020-11-30 mirabilosantimicro_3.1.3.orig.tar.gz
2020-11-30 mirabilosbegin switching to the actively developed fork
2019-10-15 mirabilosdisable Linux-specific code on kFreeBSD and Hurd antimicro-2.23-2
2019-10-15 mirabilosS-V
2019-07-03 mirabilosadd global © years, from UI dialogue antimicro-2.23-1
2019-07-03 mirabilosfirst round of fixes, and drop debugging
2019-07-03 mirabilosmeh, dh installs directly into the dst package if you...
2019-07-03 mirabilosforward
2019-07-03 mirabiloswenn man’s richtig macht…
2019-07-03 mirabilosfixup the AppData
2019-07-03 mirabilosfirst external fix, thanks FreeBSD
2019-07-03 mirabilosactually provide DEB_PKG_VERSION
2019-07-03 mirabilosand a manpage fix I saw during licence review
2019-07-03 mirabilosfirst patch: reproducible builds ;)
2019-07-03 mirabilosallow us to patch
2019-07-03 mirabilosMerge tag 'antimicro-2.23'
2019-07-03 mirabilosthe result of lengthy copyright review
2019-07-03 mirabilosantimicro_2.23.orig.tar.gz (no upstream PGP signature) antimicro-2.23
2019-07-03 mirabilosoh, uscan REs are anchored
2019-07-03 mirabilosfirst nascent packaging attempt