packaging updates from mksh:
[alioth/cvs.git] / debian / changelog
2011-12-04 tgpackaging updates from mksh:
2011-12-04 tgUse -Wl,--as-needed for the link to appease dpkg-shlibdebs
2011-11-12 tglintian and d/rules cleanup round
2011-07-28 tgregen
2011-07-28 tgdrop cvsbug(8) from the binary package
2011-07-28 tgbump version number and sync mirbsd/mirports/debian
2011-07-28 tgproduce something seeming to workaround https://bugs...
2011-07-28 tgd/control: Reword package description. (Closes: #631826)
2011-07-28 tgupdate
2011-07-28 tgThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2011-07-28 rootThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branc...
2011-06-30 tgapply Policy compliance fix by YOSHINO Yoshihito, thanks!
2011-06-24 tgOsamu Aoki verified that lintian’s interpreter dependen...
2011-06-11 tgDEHS works again, so fix the watch file now I notice...
2011-06-11 tgsimo^Wlintian says cvs-switchroot must recommend mksh...
2011-06-11 tgstill trying to get it to work, at all
2011-06-11 tglast commit before my friend lintian may have a peek
2011-06-11 tgFix piuparts breakage: ignore delgroup non-existence...
2011-06-11 tgupdate and bring them in sync
2011-06-10 tgcopy src/scripts/mnt-cvsroot, make it NL safe and add...
2011-05-10 tgDrop PAM entirely, it was specific to Debian anyway
2011-05-07 tgah well, Suggests: rcs, too
2011-05-07 tgssh using krbV is the reason for us, so we can Recommen...
2011-05-07 tgpretty annoying… the old debian cvs package had the...
2011-05-06 tgsync lintian overrides against sid
2011-05-06 tglet’s try to build this, then
2011-05-06 tgmore bugs to close, and better kerberos
2011-05-06 tgBuild with Kerberos V support (LP: #157760)
2011-05-06 tgClarify package description (LP: #377411)
2011-04-29 tgneeds to depend on adduser
2011-03-04 tgAdd Origin and Bugs headers
2011-02-27 tgmore Multi-Arch: foreign
2010-09-20 tgsync/bump and don’t overly push lintian
2010-09-19 tgcommit wip here, too
2010-09-16 tgfix a few nitpicks
2010-09-16 tgI say, let’s do it…
2010-09-16 tgthis is lintian -vIiE --pedantic clean \o/ and builds...
2010-09-16 tgfirst rough draft of a mircvs package