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[alioth/early-rng-init-tools.git] / GNUmakefile
2020-02-01 mirabilosupdate to Jytter v5, which is MIT-licenced; adjustments...
2019-02-24 mirabilosfix pasto early-rng-init-tools_1
2019-02-22 mirabilosalso default to adding the TSC on x86
2019-02-22 mirabilosoptional jytter gather
2019-02-22 mirabiloshook up rnd_shuf to the build
2019-02-21 mirabilosfix dependencies
2019-02-21 mirabilosadd dependency info
2019-02-21 mirabilosadd USE_JYTTER to CPPFLAGS
2019-02-21 mirabilosadd appropriate install target to GNUmakefile mirroring...
2019-02-21 mirabilosx86 detection and dependent-on-that compilation
2019-02-21 mirabilosvariablise
2019-02-20 mirabilosfirst cut at a gmake file