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[alioth/early-rng-init-tools.git] / irc4random.h
2019-02-22 mirabilosavoid warnings on GNU
2019-02-22 mirabiloshook ’em up
2019-02-22 mirabilosmore from MirBSD libc/kern
2019-02-21 mirabilosbetter
2019-02-21 mirabiloscloser to what I want/need, and a bit generalised
2019-02-21 mirabilosmore from libc, and feedback
2019-02-21 mirabilosthis is from the API we spec for
2019-02-21 mirabilosdrop that too, we need just the stream cipher for this
2019-02-21 mirabilosdrop these, too
2019-02-21 mirabilosdrop
2019-02-21 mirabilosno <sys/cdefs.h> needed here
2019-02-21 mirabilosbegin work
2019-02-21 mirabiloss/a4state/i4state/g
2019-02-21 mirabilosharmonise
2019-02-21 mirabilosmore from MirBSD CVS
2019-02-21 mirabilosdrop RCS IDs; use local header
2019-02-21 mirabilosadd some files from MirBSD CVS, partially renamed