2019-02-24 mirabilosadd a comment for consideration of reducing dmesg contr... master
2019-02-24 mirabilosfix pasto early-rng-init-tools_1
2019-02-23 mirabiloslet’s call this version 1
2019-02-23 mirabilosdocument better the split between main and extra files...
2019-02-23 mirabilosOS update on the BSDs; Debian GNU/Linux works on x86...
2019-02-23 mirabilosmore precisely
2019-02-23 mirabilosdisable verbosity by default as we leave the dev stage
2019-02-23 mirabiloswow, bug was already fixed
2019-02-23 mirabilosmaybe so?
2019-02-23 mirabilosmake five rounds be enough
2019-02-23 mirabilosmake rnd_jytter actually useful
2019-02-23 mirabilosput a ceiling on how many bits of entropy we accredit
2019-02-23 mirabilosRevert "write another bunch", figured out the real...
2019-02-22 mirabiloshelp gcc 3.4.6 on MirBSD optimise the shr ecx,2 away
2019-02-22 mirabilosd’oh, bits, not bytes
2019-02-22 mirabiloswrite another bunch to the kernel immediately after
2019-02-22 mirabilosmake it easier to change
2019-02-22 mirabilosoops, enable debugging level first
2019-02-22 mirabilosperhaps doing this a bit later is cool?
2019-02-22 mirabilosoverride systemd-service-file-refers-to-unusual-wantedb...
2019-02-22 mirabilosoch jooooo…
2019-02-22 mirabilossystemd-service-file-missing-documentation-key *höhö*
2019-02-22 mirabiloslintian does not want me to share
2019-02-22 mirabilosservice-key-has-whitespace etc.
2019-02-22 mirabilosrunning the second jytter would come too late and there...
2019-02-22 mirabilosensure $rootmnt is read-write at the bottom
2019-02-22 mirabilosmissing-systemd-service-for-init.d-rcS-script
2019-02-22 mirabilosso we can call this from a systemd unit w/o the redirect
2019-02-22 mirabilosthis stopped working when we switched to getopt(3)
2019-02-22 mirabilosfix
2019-02-22 mirabilosargh!
2019-02-22 mirabilosinit.d-script-needs-depends-on-lsb-base
2019-02-22 mirabilosoh c’mon
2019-02-22 mirabilosensure numeric is used in numeric comparison:
2019-02-22 mirabilosfirst cut at init script
2019-02-22 mirabilosexperimental cron.daily job
2019-02-22 mirabilosexperimental initramfs hooks
2019-02-22 mirabilosvirtual-package-depends-without-real-package-depends
2019-02-22 mirabilospossible-unindented-list-in-extended-description and...
2019-02-22 mirabilosupdate lintian overrides
2019-02-22 mirabilosmake it actually build with klcc
2019-02-22 mirabilosearliest packaging attempt
2019-02-22 mirabilosensure we still perturb the on-platter seed even if...
2019-02-22 mirabilosadd a comment about ASCII trick not being EBCDIC-safe
2019-02-22 mirabilosmake less chatty by default (-d is now -dd)
2019-02-22 mirabilosklibc lacks clock_gettime(2)
2019-02-22 mirabilosklibc lacks AT_RANDOM (but it’s static in the kernel...
2019-02-22 mirabilosWFM with Debian/linux-x32/glibc
2019-02-22 mirabilosfix format string
2019-02-22 mirabilosfix amd64 assembly
2019-02-22 mirabilosadd debugging (looking good on stretch/linux-i386 so...
2019-02-22 mirabilosunused variable
2019-02-22 mirabilosavoid warnings on GNU
2019-02-22 mirabilosdon’t do FreeBSD/MidnightBSD for now
2019-02-22 mirabilosMidnightBSD version of NOMAN
2019-02-22 mirabilosMidnightBSD executes those with their weird Bourne...
2019-02-22 mirabilosjytter less and do tsc later (for more uncertainty)
2019-02-22 mirabilosadd the ability to gather hex from the command line
2019-02-22 mirabilosno change move
2019-02-22 mirabilosallow main() to also gather a little
2019-02-22 mirabilosmix in the clock as well
2019-02-22 mirabilosadd AT_RANDOM (Linux), remaining need (all)
2019-02-22 mirabiloshook up kern.arnd on OpenBSD/MirBSD
2019-02-22 mirabiloshook up TSC
2019-02-22 mirabilosalso default to adding the TSC on x86
2019-02-22 mirabilosoptional jytter gather
2019-02-22 mirabilosrefactor, since we can’t use
2019-02-22 mirabiloshook up rnd_shuf to the build
2019-02-22 mirabilosgetopt
2019-02-22 mirabilosrefactor
2019-02-22 mirabiloswe might wish to use jytter for extra gathering
2019-02-22 mirabilosthe Linux API is identical, not too surprisingly enough
2019-02-22 mirabilosthis should do it for MirBSD
2019-02-22 mirabilosclose to finishing
2019-02-22 mirabilosintroduce some variance and comment
2019-02-22 mirabiloshook ’em up
2019-02-22 mirabilosmore from MirBSD libc/kern
2019-02-22 mirabilossomewhat further, plus stealing my own helper functions...
2019-02-21 mirabilosbetter
2019-02-21 mirabilosfinish renaming
2019-02-21 mirabilosthis makes more sense
2019-02-21 mirabiloscloser to what I want/need, and a bit generalised
2019-02-21 mirabilosdrop, we don’t/can’t reseed
2019-02-21 mirabiloss/i4state\.cipher/i4state/g
2019-02-21 mirabilosdrop some stuff
2019-02-21 mirabilosfix dependencies
2019-02-21 mirabilosmissing header
2019-02-21 mirabilosmore from libc, and feedback
2019-02-21 mirabilosthis is from the API we spec for
2019-02-21 mirabilosadd dependency info
2019-02-21 mirabilosmake these compile
2019-02-21 mirabilosdrop that too, we need just the stream cipher for this
2019-02-21 mirabilosdrop these, too
2019-02-21 mirabilosdrop
2019-02-21 mirabilosno <sys/cdefs.h> needed here
2019-02-21 mirabilosbegin work
2019-02-21 mirabiloslet’s spec for this
2019-02-21 mirabiloss/a4state/i4state/g
2019-02-21 mirabilosdummy test program
2019-02-21 mirabilosharmonise