descriptionearly-rng-init-tools packaging repository for Debian
last changeSun, 24 Feb 2019 21:38:06 +0000 (21:38 +0000)
2019-02-24 mirabilosadd a comment for consideration of reducing dmesg contr... master
2019-02-24 mirabilosfix pasto early-rng-init-tools_1
2019-02-23 mirabiloslet’s call this version 1
2019-02-23 mirabilosdocument better the split between main and extra files...
2019-02-23 mirabilosOS update on the BSDs; Debian GNU/Linux works on x86...
2019-02-23 mirabilosmore precisely
2019-02-23 mirabilosdisable verbosity by default as we leave the dev stage
2019-02-23 mirabiloswow, bug was already fixed
2019-02-23 mirabilosmaybe so?
2019-02-23 mirabilosmake five rounds be enough
2019-02-23 mirabilosmake rnd_jytter actually useful
2019-02-23 mirabilosput a ceiling on how many bits of entropy we accredit
2019-02-23 mirabilosRevert "write another bunch", figured out the real...
2019-02-22 mirabiloshelp gcc 3.4.6 on MirBSD optimise the shr ecx,2 away
2019-02-22 mirabilosd’oh, bits, not bytes
2019-02-22 mirabiloswrite another bunch to the kernel immediately after
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