2021-12-23 mirabilosfirst tests looking good so far… master jamulus-3.8.1+dfsg1-1
2021-12-23 mirabilosjust… fuck lintian…
2021-12-23 mirabilosyep, checked again, perhaps it triggers on rcc/moc?
2021-12-23 mirabilosboaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah lintian!
2021-12-23 mirabiloswarning flags (other than -Wdate-time or so) don’t...
2021-12-23 mirabiloslet’s call this a bug in libdebhelper-perl
2021-12-23 mirabilosupdate most lintian overrides
2021-12-23 mirabilosRevert "temporarily show which files are (auto‑)installed"
2021-12-23 mirabilosthe installed set of files by upstream is a horrid...
2021-12-23 mirabilosunclutter
2021-12-23 mirabilostemporarily show which files are (auto‑)installed
2021-12-23 mirabilosRevert "add todo", wtf, wrong file
2021-12-23 mirabilosupdate the other files (as much as we can atm)
2021-12-23 mirabilosthere’s more Legacy IP still
2021-12-23 mirabilosadd new server list-ish link
2021-12-23 mirabilosdrop for now; cf.
2021-12-23 mirabilosfix disabling the update check
2021-12-23 mirabilosremove patches applied upstream
2021-12-23 mirabilosRevert "turns out these files are still pertinent"...
2021-12-23 mirabilosadd todo, from
2021-12-23 mirabilosMerge tag 'jamulus-3.8.1+dfsg1'
2021-12-23 mirabilosjamulus_3.8.1+dfsg1.orig.tar.xz upstream jamulus-3.8.1+dfsg1
2021-12-23 mirabilosreview the libs/ situation
2021-12-23 mirabilossame for a good part of the stuff (mostly new) under...
2021-12-23 mirabilosexclude autobuild/ which is similarily hard to audit...
2021-12-23 mirabilosdrop .github/ from already-repackaged origtgz
2021-04-11 mirabilosspelling/typo jamulus-3.6.2+dfsg1-3
2021-04-11 mirabilosactually ship the manpage
2021-04-11 mirabilosslight backporting of this change
2021-04-11 mirabilosbackport network and privacy fix
2021-04-11 mirabilosbackport message escape patch
2021-04-11 mirabilosupstream memory leak fix
2021-04-11 mirabilospart 2 of updated server lists
2021-04-11 mirabilosadd updated list of central servers
2021-04-11 mirabilosadd a first cut at a manpage
2021-04-08 mirabilosturns out these files are still pertinent
2021-04-08 mirabilosURL update
2021-01-25 mirabilosprepare next upload jamulus-3.6.2+dfsg1-2
2020-12-29 mirabilosadd version identification to the About dialogue, too jamulus-3.6.2+dfsg1-1
2020-12-29 mirabilosthis is even easier
2020-12-29 mirabilosnext attempt to handle lrelease
2020-12-29 mirabilosRevert "welp… that failed (lrelease in buster is weird...
2020-12-29 mirabilosRevert "strip the extension as well"
2020-12-29 mirabilosstrip the extension as well
2020-12-29 mirabilosavoid lintian warning
2020-12-29 mirabiloswelp… that failed (lrelease in buster is weird), let...
2020-12-29 mirabilosdrop the backports thing here
2020-12-29 mirabilosupdate lintian demands
2020-12-29 mirabilosforward
2020-12-29 mirabilosupstream has learnt how to install these files
2020-12-29 mirabilosfix flag scope
2020-12-29 mirabilosfix lrelease result use
2020-12-29 mirabilosunclutter build log
2020-12-29 mirabilosprepare packaging update
2020-12-29 mirabiloscopy relevant part of privacy statement for the softwar...
2020-12-29 mirabilosupdate patches for new version
2020-12-29 mirabilosMerge tag 'jamulus-3.6.2+dfsg1'
2020-12-29 mirabilosjamulus_3.6.2+dfsg1.orig.tar.xz jamulus-3.6.2+dfsg1
2020-12-29 mirabilosdrop binary precompiled translation files (we do lrelease)
2020-12-29 mirabilosbegin preparing for the new upstream release
2020-12-29 mirabilosprepare for new upstream version
2020-04-22 mirabilosso it was applied after all
2020-04-21 mirabilosnotes about patch applied-or-not statūs
2020-04-21 mirabilosdownstream another PR of mine, protecting Your liberty
2020-04-21 mirabilosnecessary to configure jackd’s “Frames/Period”
2020-04-21 mirabilosfrom often needed
2020-04-20 mirabilosserver works without jackd (and chat-only mode)
2020-04-20 mirabilosthis is needed for buster (backports)
2020-04-19 mirabilosgot merged, and I got told src/res/icon.xcf is its...
2020-04-19 mirabilosforward upstream
2020-04-19 mirabilosfixup commit 085d346
2020-04-19 mirabiloslintian says Keyword must be there
2020-04-19 mirabiloslintian icon size fix workaround for now
2020-04-19 mirabiloslintian-provided spelling fixes
2020-04-19 mirabilosinstall application icon and desktop menu entry
2020-04-19 mirabilostweak the docs we install
2020-04-19 mirabilosbegin installing something
2020-04-19 mirabilosbegin lintian cleaning
2020-04-19 mirabiloslintian format checker
2020-04-19 mirabilosshut up
2020-04-19 mirabilosinitial Debian buildsystem
2020-04-19 mirabilosBring the upstream code into the repository
2020-04-19 mirabilosjamulus_3.5.1+dfsg1.orig.tar.xz jamulus-3.5.1+dfsg1
2020-04-19 mirabilosInitial commit, enough for uscan --verbose