we’ll need to distinguish these for sarge/etch as well
[alioth/jupp.git] / debian /
2017-12-03 mirabiloswe’ll need to distinguish these for sarge/etch as well
2017-12-03 mirabilosmake variable lifetime fix
2017-12-03 mirabilosmore parts of the backports: sarge/etch
2017-12-03 mirabiloshandle a couple more intricacies of backporting
2017-12-02 mirabilossync
2017-12-02 mirabiloshandle the lenny backport
2017-12-02 mirabiloshandle with variables
2017-12-02 mirabilosshaddap
2017-12-02 mirabilosadd support for multiple substitutions
2017-12-02 mirabilosfix
2017-12-02 mirabilosextra debugging
2017-12-02 mirabilosfirst fix, reverse logic mistake, sorry
2017-12-02 mirabilosignore generated files from VCS
2017-12-02 mirabilosfirst draft (not working) of control generation
2017-12-02 mirabilosfirst part of generating debian/control, also adding...
2017-12-02 mirabilosMerge branch 'origtgz'
2017-12-02 mirabilosbuild klibc w/o FPU, unbreaking it
2017-12-02 mirabilosMerge branch 'origtgz'
2017-12-01 mirabilosRevert "crazy klibc experiment (likely to fail)"
2017-12-01 mirabiloscrazy klibc experiment (likely to fail)
2017-12-01 mirabilosMerge branch 'origtgz'
2017-12-01 mirabilosRevert "test nommu build"; warning-free now
2017-12-01 mirabilostest nommu build; mmu/standard build is warning-free now
2017-12-01 mirabilosappease lintian more
2017-12-01 mirabilosMerge branch 'origtgz'
2017-12-01 mirabilosmerge appease-lintian change from pax/mksh repos
2017-12-01 mirabilosbump s-v
2017-12-01 mirabilosMerge branch 'origtgz'
2017-08-09 mirabilosbump jupp-3_1_31-1
2017-08-09 mirabilosMerge tag 'jupp-3_1_31'
2017-08-08 mirabilosRevert "Update to CVS snapshot, for testing"
2017-08-08 mirabilosupdate
2017-08-08 mirabilosbump tentatively
2017-08-08 mirabilosUpdate to CVS snapshot, for testing
2017-03-19 mirabilossomeone rightfully commented we only emulate non-docume...
2017-01-11 mirabilosbump jupp-3_1_30-1
2017-01-11 mirabilosMerge tag 'jupp-3_1_30'
2017-01-11 mirabilosalways when you think nothing will follow, something...
2017-01-11 mirabilosMerge branch 'origtgz'
2017-01-09 mirabilosDDPO reminded me to upload this… jupp-3_1_29-2
2016-11-27 mirabilosWork around #845550 (dpkg’s -specs=* crap)
2016-11-27 mirabilosFix config.guess guessing wrong triplets for dietlibc:
2016-10-30 mirabilosupload jupp-3_1_29-1
2016-10-30 mirabilosraise, the new rc files need the new base binary
2016-10-30 mirabilosoptimise
2016-10-30 mirabilosreorder
2016-10-30 mirabilosRevert "prerelease"
2016-10-30 mirabilosMerge branch 'origtgz'
2016-10-19 mirabilosjupp Enhances nbc (thanks Natureshadow)
2016-10-11 mirabilosRevert "jupp_3.1.29~pre2-1_all.changes REJECTED (key... jupp-3_1_29_pre2-1
2016-10-08 mirabilosjupp_3.1.29~pre2-1_all.changes REJECTED (key not yet...
2016-10-08 mirabilosfix and bump
2016-10-08 mirabilosMerge branch 'origtgz'
2016-10-08 mirabilosfix paths in the manpage that we *can* actually fix
2016-10-08 mirabilosTry debhelper compat 9
2016-10-08 mirabilosfix spelling as lintian says
2016-10-08 mirabilosfixup VCS-* headers, from mksh, via lintian
2016-10-08 mirabilosUpdate lintian overrides
2016-10-08 mirabilosupdate
2016-10-08 mirabilosprerelease
2016-10-08 mirabilosMerge branch 'origtgz': new upstream prerelease
2016-05-02 mirabilosupdate maintainer script documentation
2014-10-23 Thorsten Glaserupdates jupp-3_1_28-1
2014-10-23 Thorsten GlaserMerge branch 'origtgz'
2014-10-23 Thorsten Glaserupdates
2014-10-23 Thorsten GlaserMerge branch 'origtgz'
2014-10-07 Thorsten Glaserorphan jupp-3_1_27-3
2014-07-08 Thorsten Glaserpublish jupp-3_1_27-2
2014-07-03 Thorsten GlaserRemove now-useless RCS IDs
2014-07-03 Thorsten Glasermake this match what was really in CVS
2014-07-03 Thorsten Glasermake this match what was really in CVS
2014-07-03 Thorsten Glaserrecord move to Alioth collab-maint git
2014-06-29 Thorsten Glaserupdate jupp-3_1_27-1
2013-11-07 Thorsten GlaserNatureshadow begs me to update jupp in Debian right... jupp-3_1_26-1
2013-08-19 Thorsten Glaserbump jupp-3_1_25-1
2013-01-05 Thorsten Glaserbump jupp-3_1_24-1
2012-12-30 Thorsten Glaserthis needs a changelog-closes jupp-3_1_23-1
2012-12-30 Thorsten Glaserprepare an upload (so many people upload new versions...
2012-12-29 Thorsten Glaser• stop installing TODO and developer-only help
2012-09-03 Thorsten Glaserupdate jupp-3_1_22-1
2012-07-18 Thorsten Glasernew jupp, important fixes jupp-3_1_21-1
2012-06-08 Thorsten Glaserjupp20 jupp-3_1_20-1
2012-06-08 Thorsten Glaseralso, static (for eglibc) and nopwnam (for diet or...
2012-06-08 Thorsten Glaserfix round
2012-06-08 Thorsten Glaserexperimental support for diet and klibc in DEB_BUILD_OP...
2012-06-07 Thorsten Glaseruse cross-gcc automatically; move configure args into...
2012-06-07 Thorsten Glaser3.0 (quilt), since we use dh_prep unconditionally alrea...
2012-06-07 Thorsten Glaserupdate for joe-3.1jupp19 (GPLv1+ linkability express...
2012-06-07 Thorsten Glaserdistfiles are .tgz (ustar, gzip(1) compressed) now,
2012-06-07 Thorsten Glasermerge new upstream version
2012-03-25 Thorsten Glaserprepare an upload jupp-3_1_18-3
2011-11-12 Thorsten Glaserlintian and d/rules cleanup round
2011-10-06 Thorsten Glaserqueue debcheck priority (should) fix for next upload
2011-10-06 Thorsten Glaseraddress #644468 and #644481
2011-10-05 Thorsten Glaserapparently, we can use libtinfo ipv libncurses here...
2011-10-05 Thorsten Glaseruse dpkg’s new buildflags macros, but as optional build...
2011-10-05 Thorsten Glasermerge upstream 3.1.18
2011-10-05 Thorsten Glaseras Josip kindly pointed out, the double tilde was bogus
2011-10-05 Thorsten Glasermake it easier to remove the optional build dependencie...
2011-09-06 Thorsten GlaserFormalise maintainer scripts and sync with Policy and...