2017-08-09 mirabilosjoe-3.1jupp31.tgz (die zweite Klappe…) jupp-3_1_31
2017-01-11 mirabilos/MirOS/dist/jupp/joe-3.1jupp30.tgz jupp-3_1_30
2017-01-11 mirabilosadd a CVS snapshot, to thoroughly test on the Debian...
2016-10-30 mirabilos/MirOS/dist/jupp/joe-3.1jupp29.tgz jupp-3_1_29
2016-10-08 mirabilosnext snasphot
2016-10-08 mirabilosnew upstream prerelease
2014-10-23 Thorsten Glaserthe actual distfile jupp-3_1_28
2014-10-23 Thorsten Glaserupdate to CVS HEAD (almost certainly jupp 28 release)
2014-07-03 Thorsten Glasermake this match what was really in CVS
2014-06-29 Thorsten GlaserImport new jupp release jupp-3_1_27
2013-11-07 Thorsten Glaserjupp26 jupp-3_1_26
2013-08-19 Thorsten GlaserImport jupp25 jupp-3_1_25
2013-01-05 Thorsten Glaserbump jupp-3_1_24
2012-12-30 Thorsten Glaser/MirOS/dist/jupp/joe-3.1jupp23.tgz jupp-3_1_23
2012-09-03 Thorsten Glaserjoe-3.1jupp22.tgz jupp-3_1_22
2012-07-18 Thorsten GlaserImport new upstream version of jupp (critical bugfixes... jupp-3_1_21
2012-06-08 Thorsten Glasernew jupp, again fixes jupp-3_1_20
2012-06-08 Thorsten Glaserjupp 19 jupp-3_1_19-1
2012-06-07 Thorsten Glasernew jupp version; improvements for hurd, klibc, dietlibc
2012-06-07 Thorsten Glaserbegone from vendor branch
2012-06-07 Thorsten Glasertentative new jupp version; improvements for hurd,...
2011-10-05 Thorsten Glaserexport module jupp tag joe-3_1jupp18 jupp-3_1_18
2011-07-27 Thorsten GlaserImport joe 3.1jupp17 .orig.tar.gz into the vendor/origt... jupp-3_1_17
2011-07-27 Thorsten GlaserInitial revision
2011-07-09 Thorsten GlaserJörg Sommer wrote in
2011-07-03 Thorsten GlaserUCS 2.4 is lenny-based
2011-07-03 Thorsten Glaserthis can go
2011-07-03 Thorsten Glaserfirst cut at new jupp deb
2011-03-04 Thorsten Glaser• Add Origin and Bugs headers
2011-02-27 Thorsten Glasermore Multi-Arch: foreign
2010-04-08 Thorsten Glasernew jupp package
2010-04-08 Thorsten Glaserprepare for new release: sync CDIAGFLAGS
2010-02-25 Thorsten Glasernuke DMUA field, I am DD of BSD^H^Horg
2010-02-16 Thorsten Glaserprevent "accidents" such as Debian #570064 where someon...
2010-01-28 Thorsten Glaserbump Debian Policy where we are at 3.8.3 already
2009-10-19 Thorsten Glaser“steal” from mksh to be able to use pax ipv. cpio
2009-10-19 Thorsten Glaserprepare for new jupp release
2009-10-18 Thorsten Glaserclean up more compile warnings (gcc-4.4 and -Wall ...
2009-10-06 Thorsten Glasernew and all better (or so I hope) jupp package
2009-09-19 Thorsten Glaserlintian cleanup
2009-09-16 Thorsten Glaserfinally, a package
2009-09-16 Thorsten Glaserinstall the docs, like MirPorts does
2009-09-16 Thorsten Glaserthis looks much more like a real package now ☻
2009-09-16 Thorsten Glaserdebhelper does this for us
2009-09-16 Thorsten Glasermove towards a new jupp package
2009-08-02 Thorsten Glaseradd RCS ID
2009-08-02 Thorsten Glaserjupp_3.1.10-1.dsc