2021-01-25 mirabilosprepare for uploading master kwalletcli-3.03-1
2021-01-25 mirabilosMerge tag 'kwalletcli-3.03'
2021-01-25 mirabilosMerge tag 'kwalletcli-3_03' into origtgz origtgz kwalletcli-3.03
2021-01-25 mirabilosMerge branch 'master' of
2021-01-25 tgrefresh upstream kwalletcli-3_03
2021-01-25 tgdocument Qt 6 (5.15 deprecation) vs. KDE 5 conflict...
2020-11-19 mirabilosdocument (upstream) issue to still fix
2020-11-19 mirabiloseheh?!?!?! install -D defaults to making them executabl...
2020-11-19 mirabilosupdate lintian overrides
2020-11-19 mirabilosMerge branch 'origtgz'
2020-11-19 mirabilosRevert "unsure whether we can do without this"
2020-11-19 mirabilosupdate again, a fallthrough warning
2020-11-19 tgbe explicit about fallthrough
2020-11-19 mirabilosgrudgingly, nōn-consensually, switch to dh7 build system
2020-11-19 mirabilosunsure whether we can do without this
2020-11-19 Helmut GrohneFix FTCBFS: Seed tools from dpkg's
2020-11-19 mirabilosdrop pre-KDE5 build so we can forcedly switch to dh7...
2020-11-19 mirabilosfirst cuts at modernising packaging
2020-11-19 mirabilosMerge branch 'origtgz'
2020-11-19 mirabilosupdate to upstream CVS HEAD snapshot for pre-release...
2020-11-19 tgallow overriding path to pkg-config for cross builds
2020-11-19 tgupdate portmdoc while here
2020-09-04 tgsync with MirOS: contrib/samples/portmdoc,v 1.14
2019-01-05 mirabilosUMEGAYA kwalletcli-3.02-1
2019-01-05 mirabilosupdate
2019-01-05 mirabilosMerge tag 'kwalletcli-3.02'
2019-01-05 mirabilos-r--r--r-- 1 tg tg 64856 Jan 5 10:31 /MirOS/dist... kwalletcli-3.02
2018-12-25 tgupdate from contrib/samples/portmdoc,v 1.11 kwalletcli-3_02
2018-10-07 tgspelling cleanup: “programme” is distinct from “program...
2018-08-02 mirabilosthis is now required by Policy
2018-02-09 mirabilosprep new upstream release kwalletcli-3_01-1
2018-02-09 mirabilosMerge branches 'origtgz' and 'upstream'
2018-02-09 mirabilos-r--r--r-- 1 tg tg 64075 Feb 9 17:01 /MirOS/dist... kwalletcli-3.01
2018-02-09 tgprepare new release kwalletcli-3_01
2018-02-09 mirabilosintroduce new lintian override name
2018-02-09 mirabilosnext round of lintian displeasingness…
2018-02-09 mirabilosrename, to please lintian
2018-02-09 mirabilosMerge branch 'origtgz' for pre-release testing
2018-02-09 mirabilosupdate from CVS, for pre-release testing
2018-02-09 mirabiloslooking at Provides…
2018-02-09 mirabilospinentry 1.1.0-1 added pinentry-fltk
2018-02-09 tgimprove manpage, as requested by Tomas Pospisek:
2018-01-05 mirabiloslintian kwalletcli-3.00-2
2018-01-05 mirabiloshttps deprecation for URIs, caused by Debian...
2018-01-05 mirabilosmisc. updates
2016-08-30 mirabilosfix typos, spotted by XTaran (many thanks!), and explai... kwalletcli-3.00-1
2016-08-30 mirabilosmake it a release
2016-08-30 mirabilosMerge tag 'kwalletcli-3.00' from the “origtgz” branch
2016-08-30 mirabilosMake origtgz the content of kwalletcli_3.00.orig.tar... kwalletcli-3.00
2016-08-30 mirabilosclose the O bug (WNPP)
2016-08-30 mirabilosrefresh
2016-08-30 tgseveral items of both KF5 and Qt 5 weirdness kwalletcli-3_00
2016-08-30 mirabilosweird Qt5 API, the n-th
2016-08-30 mirabilosattempt to avoid warnings
2016-08-30 mirabilosupdate accordingly
2016-08-30 mirabiloscatch up BSDmakefile and documentation
2016-08-30 mirabilosQt5 API weirdness
2016-08-30 mirabilosQt5 -fPIC weirdness
2016-08-30 mirabilosQt5 (mostly) and some KF5: find the libraries actually
2016-08-30 mirabilosfirst KDE 5 experiment
2016-08-30 mirabilosupdate from CVS head (lintian spelling)
2016-08-30 tglintian’s spell checker
2016-08-30 mirabilosUse debheler compat 9 ipv 5, by lintian’s insistence...
2016-08-30 mirabilosdrop LTO attempts
2016-08-30 mirabilosfaux_changelog
2016-08-30 mirabilosmodernise packaging
2016-08-30 mirabilosMerge branch 'origtgz'
2016-08-30 mirabilosadd new CVS snapshot as baseline for nascent KF5 packaging
2016-08-30 tgadd KDE 5 binding contributed by Jean-Philippe Garcia...
2016-08-30 tgdon’t close stdin/stdout/stderr
2016-08-30 tggovernance
2016-02-11 tgmerge most recent portmdoc into a̲l̲l̲ of its users...
2015-07-22 mirabilosavoid trademark issues
2015-06-02 Thorsten GlaserI wish the influx of new pinentries came all at once... kwalletcli-2.12-5
2015-05-23 Thorsten GlaserS-V, lintian kwalletcli-2.12-4
2015-05-23 Thorsten Glaseruse proper escape for the shell vars, from jupp packaging
2015-05-23 Thorsten Glaserexplicitly state the packaging licence
2015-05-23 Thorsten Glaserapparently, pinentry-x2go is a pinentry-qt4 fork…
2015-05-23 Thorsten Glasersupport yet another pinentry variant (I wonder when...
2014-10-07 Thorsten Glaserorphan kwalletcli-2.12-3
2014-07-08 Thorsten Glaserpublish kwalletcli-2.12-2
2014-07-08 Thorsten Glaserremove now-useless RCS IDs from CVS
2014-07-03 Thorsten Glaserrecord move to Alioth collab-maint git
2014-05-11 tgbump
2014-05-11 tgmerge back from Debian packaging: add CXXFLAGS to CXXLD...
2014-05-11 tgnew kwalletcli upstream release, this time for real kwalletcli-2.12
2014-05-11 tgThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2014-05-11 tghousekeeping for the next version (© year, contributors) kwalletcli-2_12
2014-05-11 tgapply diff From: Timo Weingärtner <>
2014-05-11 tg“attached patch adds recognition for git's question...
2013-11-09 tgMBF
2013-10-31 tgadapt most __attribute__((…)) occurrences to new KNF...
2012-12-15 tgRecommends += kwalletmanager
2012-12-15 tgjust remove the MLINKS multi-for, since we do not use...
2012-05-12 tghmpf…
2012-05-12 tgadd a fallback without LTO, whopr-combine and --as...
2012-05-12 tgmove -Wl,--as-needed between objects and libs, otherwis...
2012-05-12 tgoops… cc -I/usr/include/qt3 -I/usr/include/kde -D_GNU_...
2012-02-25 tgdh_installdirs i̲s̲ needed here, and new policy too
2012-02-25 tg• modernise rules file and use LTO (taken from mircpio)