eh, make ’em volatile, this is not time-critical code anyway
[alioth/magicpoint.git] /
2019-07-30 mirabiloseh, make ’em volatile, this is not time-critical code...
2019-07-30 mirabilosnext round of warning cleanup, almost done
2019-07-30 mirabilosnext round of fixes, and more constification
2019-07-30 mirabilosbegin protoising
2019-07-26 mirabilosdifferentiate messages
2019-07-26 mirabilossolicitate OS testing
2019-07-26 mirabilosDebian likes if I add manpages for everything
2019-07-26 mirabilosparallel gmake cannot have multiple targets:
2019-07-26 mirabilosinsist on -Wformat, too
2019-07-26 mirabilosallow not installing to sysconfdir (e.g. for BSD ports...
2019-07-26 mirabilosforgot to actually implement the -P option…
2019-07-26 mirabilosquick distfile builder
2019-07-26 mirabiloslet’s do 1.2 (and if needed 1.3, …) then 2.0, 2.1,...
2019-07-26 mirabilosfigure out the locale thing for 1.2
2019-07-26 mirabilosall definitions are now new-style; enact the flags
2019-07-26 mirabilosno old-style function definitions, except for image/
2019-07-26 mirabilos-Wextra with some exceptions
2019-07-26 mirabilosfix
2019-07-25 mirabilosnext round ;)
2019-07-25 mirabilosnext round
2019-07-25 mirabilosnext round of fixes
2019-07-25 mirabilosthe old build system is no longer needed
2019-07-25 mirabilosmake it install
2019-07-25 mirabilosmake it build
2019-07-25 mirabilosshuffle includes around again
2019-07-25 mirabilosdo not use ?= as it makes us depend on <> equivalent
2019-07-25 mirabilosadd back too much deleted
2019-07-25 mirabilosfix the next couple of things
2019-07-25 mirabilosbring it to the stage where I can call make(1) on it…
2019-07-25 mirabilosfirst cut at new build system, contributed from mksh...