collect build and install information
[alioth/magicpoint.git] / TODO
2019-07-19 mirabiloscollect build and install information
2019-07-19 mirabilosdrop fixed stuff and stuff only used in mgpembed
2019-07-19 mirabilosdrop mgpembed (I can see the security issues coming)
2019-07-19 mirabilosfigure out what other flags we’ll need from last build log
2019-07-19 mirabilosinline Xft2
2019-07-19 mirabilosg/c now-unused
2019-07-19 mirabilosdrop freetype 1 support
2019-07-19 mirabilosdrop vflib support
2019-07-19 mirabilosunifdef image support
2019-07-19 mirabilosunifdef m17n out
2019-07-19 mirabilosclean up more
2019-07-19 mirabilosdrop MNG: despite libmng-dev in B-D it’s not picked...
2019-07-19 mirabilosjust do setlocale (we’ll figure out more later)
2019-07-19 mirabilosdirect PNG and GIF loading are indeed no longer pertinent
2019-07-19 mirabilosconfigure opts to defines for unifdef(1) e/xli-lic
2019-07-19 mirabilosthis is actually implicitly disabled in Debian
2019-07-19 mirabilosdiscover implicit configure knobs
2019-05-23 mirabiloswork out the differences between Debian and MirPorts...
2019-05-22 mirabilosI’m accepting and redistributing this under the English...
2019-05-22 mirabilosupdate paths accordingly
2019-05-22 mirabilosMerge branch 'mirbsd' (with revertings) into master
2019-05-22 mirabilosMerge branch 'debian-patches' into master
2019-05-22 mirabilosinline part of the Debian-specific install process
2019-02-16 mirabilosDebian installs one more sample file
2019-02-16 mirabilosadd compile and installation notes from debian/rules