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2019-07-30 mirabilosnext round of fixes, and more constification
2019-07-30 mirabilosnext round of fixes
2019-07-30 mirabilosbegin protoising
2019-07-26 mirabilosfirst round of fixes on MirBSD
2019-07-26 mirabilos.c files should not have “extern”s, only .h files
2019-07-26 mirabilosall definitions are now new-style; enact the flags
2019-07-26 mirabilosno old-style function definitions, except for image/
2019-07-26 mirabilos-Wextra with some exceptions
2019-07-25 mirabilosnext round ;)
2019-07-25 mirabilosnext round
2019-07-25 mirabilosthe old build system is no longer needed
2019-07-25 mirabilosshuffle includes around again
2019-07-25 mirabiloserk…
2019-07-25 mirabilos<errno.h> is a thing
2019-07-25 mirabilosstring cleaning, except sprintf
2019-07-25 mirabilosadd back too much deleted
2019-07-25 mirabiloszreset is no longer pertinent
2019-07-25 mirabilosfirst cut at new build system, contributed from mksh...
2019-07-19 mirabilosfurther mirtoconfification and cleanup
2019-07-19 mirabilosmore removals
2019-07-19 mirabiloswtf…
2019-07-19 mirabiloswhitespace
2019-07-19 mirabilosupdate list of .c/.o files, sorted
2019-07-19 mirabiloswhitespace
2019-07-19 mirabilosdrop even more image/ stuff not needed
2019-07-19 mirabilosfix compile
2019-07-19 mirabilosunifdef image support
2019-07-19 mirabilosclean up more from the xloadimage code
2019-07-19 mirabilosthis also appears non-imlib-only
2019-07-19 mirabilosremove more unused stuff from xloadimage
2019-07-19 mirabilosunifdef image/ with -DUSE_IMLIB
2019-05-23 mirabilosRevert "drop fbm loader", we got an alternative licence
2019-05-22 mirabilosmerge all legal information into one complete top-level...
2019-05-22 mirabilosI’m accepting and redistributing this under the English...
2019-05-22 mirabilosdrop fbm loader, which has an IMHO bad licence
2019-05-22 mirabiloscleaning up licence information for…
2019-05-22 mirabilosremove generated files, .cvsignore, RPM specfile
2019-05-22 mirabilosMerge branch 'mirbsd' (with revertings) into master
2019-05-22 mirabilosMerge branch 'debian-patches' into master
2019-05-22 mirabilosrevert some patches already in debian-patches branch
2019-05-22 mirabilosMerge tag 'mgp-1.13a.20190520' into mirbsd
2019-05-22 mirabilosfix format string bugs
2019-05-22 mirabilosfix float printed as integer (likely needs revisit)
2019-05-22 mirabilosfix wrong datatypes
2019-05-22 mirabilosfix integer overflow in constant
2019-05-22 mirabilos<malloc.h> is history, very deep history…
2019-05-22 mirabilosmgp-snap-20190520.tar.gz (last upstream version) mgp-1.13a.20190520
2019-05-22 mirabilosmgp_1.13a+upstream20090219.orig.tar.gz mgp-1.13a.20090219
2019-05-22 mirabilosmgp_1.13a.orig.tar.gz mgp-1.13a
2019-05-22 mirabilosmgp_1.11b.orig.tar.gz mgp-1.11b
2019-05-22 mirabilosmagicpoint-1.10a.tar.gz (MirPorts) mgp-1.10a
2019-05-22 mirabilosmgp_1.09a.orig.tar.gz mgp-1.09a
2019-05-22 mirabilosmgp_1.06a.19991206.orig.tar.gz mgp-1.06a.19991206
2019-05-22 mirabilosmgp_1.04a.orig.tar.gz (not available from upstream... mgp-1.04a
2019-02-16 mirabilosspelling fixes, from lintian
2019-02-16 mirabilosseveral bugfixes: uninitialised variables, bad access,
2019-02-16 mirabilosfix tons of compiler warnings
2007-05-14 mirabilosmake this usable again – weirdly, the fact that this...
2003-11-12 mirabilosupdate, enable japanese etc.
2003-03-22 mirabilosFirst MirPorts package, still identical to OpenBSD...