eh, make ’em volatile, this is not time-critical code anyway
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2019-07-19 mirabilosdrop mgpembed (I can see the security issues coming)
2019-07-19 mirabilosg/c now-unused
2019-07-19 mirabilosdrop freetype 1 support
2019-05-22 mirabilosMerge branch 'mirbsd' (with revertings) into master
2019-05-22 mirabilosMerge tag 'mgp-1.13a.20190520' into mirbsd
2019-05-22 mirabilosmove ~/.mgprc to ~/.etc/mgprc as common on MirBSD
2019-05-22 mirabilosmgp_1.09a.orig.tar.gz mgp-1.09a
2019-05-22 mirabilosmgp_1.04a.orig.tar.gz (not available from upstream... mgp-1.04a
2005-03-18 mirabilosImport the MirPorts Framework, many files moved or...
2005-03-18 mirabilosInitial revision
2004-04-23 mirabilos* back out freetype2 support into flavour (it freezes...
2003-03-22 mirabilosFirst MirPorts package, still identical to OpenBSD...