2020-07-30 mirabilosapply debian/patches/957539.diff from branch hotfix upstream
2019-07-30 mirabilosupdate forward page cache docs
2019-07-30 mirabiloswarn about cache files kept
2019-07-30 mirabilosswitch from v6header.eps to .jpg as this EPS crashes...
2019-07-30 mirabilosrepair examples (to use only %xfont for Xft2 or stock...
2019-07-30 mirabilosrename file
2019-07-30 mirabilosnuke duplicate
2019-07-30 mirabiloseh, make ’em volatile, this is not time-critical code...
2019-07-30 mirabilosfix
2019-07-30 mirabilosnext round of warning cleanup, almost done
2019-07-30 mirabilospart of -Wsign-compare
2019-07-30 mirabilosnext round of fixes, and more constification
2019-07-30 mirabilosnext round of fixes
2019-07-30 mirabilosbegin protoising
2019-07-27 mirabilosjpegoptim
2019-07-26 mirabilosmake it official
2019-07-26 mirabilosRevert "oops, for now"
2019-07-26 mirabiloslast of MirBSD’s fixes for those areas I can fix right now
2019-07-26 mirabilosnext round of fixes on MirBSD, __CRAZY=Yes
2019-07-26 mirabilosfirst round of fixes on MirBSD
2019-07-26 mirabilosoops, for now
2019-07-26 mirabilosdifferentiate messages
2019-07-26 mirabilossolicitate OS testing
2019-07-26 mirabilosDebian likes if I add manpages for everything
2019-07-26 mirabilosfix .Dd syntax
2019-07-26 mirabilosfix up with partial writer contributed from jupp
2019-07-26 mirabilosparallel gmake cannot have multiple targets:
2019-07-26 mirabilosinsist on -Wformat, too
2019-07-26 mirabilosfix manpage; thanks lintian
2019-07-26 mirabilosDebian insists on -Wunused-result
2019-07-26 mirabilosplug a Debian warning, needs fixup later
2019-07-26 mirabilosbegin installation instructions
2019-07-26 mirabilosallow not installing to sysconfdir (e.g. for BSD ports...
2019-07-26 mirabilosforgot to actually implement the -P option…
2019-07-26 mirabilosquick distfile builder
2019-07-26 mirabilosupdate LICENCE from (contributed from MirBSD,
2019-07-26 mirabiloslet’s do 1.2 (and if needed 1.3, …) then 2.0, 2.1,...
2019-07-26 mirabilosfigure out the locale thing for 1.2
2019-07-26 mirabilosupdate a bit
2019-07-26 mirabilosadd JP deprecation notice (someone should translate it)
2019-07-26 mirabilosanother hint for the source distribution, just to make...
2019-07-26 mirabilosrecode all files to UTF-8 except the old multilinguag...
2019-07-26 mirabilos.c files should not have “extern”s, only .h files
2019-07-26 mirabilosall definitions are now new-style; enact the flags
2019-07-26 mirabilosno old-style function definitions, except for image/
2019-07-26 mirabilos-Wextra with some exceptions
2019-07-26 mirabilosfix
2019-07-25 mirabilosnext round ;)
2019-07-25 mirabilosnext round
2019-07-25 mirabilosnext round of fixes
2019-07-25 mirabilosthe old build system is no longer needed
2019-07-25 mirabilosmake it install
2019-07-25 mirabilosmake it build
2019-07-25 mirabilosshuffle includes around again
2019-07-25 mirabiloserk…
2019-07-25 mirabilos<errno.h> is a thing
2019-07-25 mirabilosstring cleaning, except sprintf
2019-07-25 mirabilosg/c unused misspelt rule found by GNU bison
2019-07-25 mirabilosdo not use ?= as it makes us depend on <> equivalent
2019-07-25 mirabilosadd back too much deleted
2019-07-25 mirabilosg/c unused label
2019-07-25 mirabilosupstream’s last release broke?
2019-07-25 mirabiloszreset is no longer pertinent
2019-07-25 mirabilosfix the next couple of things
2019-07-25 mirabilosbring it to the stage where I can call make(1) on it…
2019-07-25 mirabilosfirst cut at new build system, contributed from mksh...
2019-07-25 mirabilossome shellology; also, make ctlwords.c into a srcfile...
2019-07-25 mirabilosmake the substitution easier to achieve portably
2019-07-19 mirabiloslet’s call it a night
2019-07-19 mirabilosdrop ~/.etc/mgprc support, it was not usable any more
2019-07-19 mirabilostransitive .depend
2019-07-19 mirabiloscommit df0c0000f4ab6e51126e667062e1fdc10a88ca96
2019-07-19 mirabilosmore on globals
2019-07-19 mirabilosfurther mirtoconfification and cleanup
2019-07-19 mirabilospass version in CPPFLAGS
2019-07-19 mirabilosshocking
2019-07-19 mirabilosmore removals
2019-07-19 mirabiloswtf…
2019-07-19 mirabilosdrop unused code
2019-07-19 mirabilosvarargs.h (pre-stdarg) considered…
2019-07-19 mirabilosmore Xft2
2019-07-19 mirabilosbegin tracing dependencies (.depend and mirtoconf)
2019-07-19 mirabilosremove more dead code
2019-07-19 mirabilosbegin mirtoconfification: <sys/time.h> vs <time.h>
2019-07-19 mirabilosdrop some more dead code
2019-07-19 mirabilosthis is too trivial to be a derivative work
2019-07-19 mirabiloswhitespace
2019-07-19 mirabilosfix usage()
2019-07-19 mirabilos-v is verbose and -V is Version, not the other way...
2019-07-19 mirabilosfix more mistakes
2019-07-19 mirabilosdrop crashing options
2019-07-19 mirabilosfix some mistakes
2019-07-19 mirabilospimp the mdoc pages and sort options
2019-07-19 mirabilosgive the manpages proper extensions, we don’t use imake
2019-07-19 mirabilosdrop RCS IDs
2019-07-19 mirabilosjust use the compiler from the environment
2019-07-19 mirabiloscollect build and install information
2019-07-19 mirabilosmerge code copies
2019-07-19 mirabilosfixup commit 436dadc02830098767108fedda38bd99c81186a2
2019-07-19 mirabilosuse output actually