2019-07-19 mirabilosconfigure opts to defines for unifdef(1) e/xli-lic
2019-07-19 mirabilosmove concern
2019-07-19 mirabilosthis is actually implicitly disabled in Debian
2019-07-19 mirabilosdiscover implicit configure knobs
2019-07-19 mirabiloswe might need to do an 1.2 first
2019-05-23 mirabilosRevert "drop fbm loader", we got an alternative licence
2019-05-23 mirabiloswork out the differences between Debian and MirPorts...
2019-05-23 mirabilos.mgprc → .etc/mgprc globally
2019-05-22 mirabilosmerge all legal information into one complete top-level...
2019-05-22 mirabilosI’m accepting and redistributing this under the English...
2019-05-22 mirabilosdrop fbm loader, which has an IMHO bad licence
2019-05-22 mirabilosrecord what was already done
2019-05-22 mirabiloscleaning up licence information for…
2019-05-22 mirabiloslet’s drop MNG support:
2019-05-22 mirabilosm17n is not used in either Debian or MirBSD, drop it
2019-05-22 mirabilosupdate paths accordingly
2019-05-22 mirabilosdrop generated file
2019-05-22 mirabilosdrop unused files
2019-05-22 mirabilosremove generated files, .cvsignore, RPM specfile
2019-05-22 mirabilosMerge branch 'mirbsd' (with revertings) into master
2019-05-22 mirabilosMerge branch 'debian-patches' into master
2019-05-22 mirabilosRevert "disable pkg-config to find xft1, libpng, imlib"
2019-05-22 mirabilosrevert some patches already in debian-patches branch
2019-05-22 mirabilosMerge tag 'mgp-1.13a.20190520' into mirbsd
2019-05-22 mirabilosMark branch 'mirbsd' as merged into mirbsd-patches
2019-05-22 mirabilosfix format string bugs
2019-05-22 mirabilossprintf(3) is a bug
2019-05-22 mirabilosfix float printed as integer (likely needs revisit)
2019-05-22 mirabilosfix wrong datatypes
2019-05-22 mirabilosfix missing prototype
2019-05-22 mirabilosfix integer overflow in constant
2019-05-22 mirabilos<malloc.h> is history, very deep history…
2019-05-22 mirabilosport to Freetype2
2019-05-22 mirabilosport to OpenBSD/MirBSD
2019-05-22 mirabilosdon’t override CFLAGS
2019-05-22 mirabilosadapt to modern cpp(1)
2019-05-22 mirabilosfix the way libpng and libmng (and their dependencies...
2019-05-22 mirabilosremove part of giflib header search
2019-05-22 mirabilosadd -liconv to LIBS if necessary
2019-05-22 mirabilosalso search in $mplocalbase for some libs
2019-05-22 mirabilosdisable pkg-config to find xft1, libpng, imlib
2019-05-22 mirabilosfix ctlwords.h build
2019-05-22 mirabilosnuke “missing” directory, its contents are in libc...
2019-05-22 mirabilosmove ~/.mgprc to ~/.etc/mgprc as common on MirBSD
2019-05-22 mirabilosinline part of the Debian-specific install process
2019-05-22 mirabilosadd 「"Xft2" oriented」 default file from Debian packaging
2019-05-22 mirabilosmove “"TrueType fonts" oriented” default file aside
2019-05-22 mirabilosmgp-snap-20190520.tar.gz (last upstream version) mgp-1.13a.20190520
2019-05-22 mirabilosmgp_1.13a+upstream20090219.orig.tar.gz mgp-1.13a.20090219
2019-05-22 mirabilosmgp_1.13a.orig.tar.gz mgp-1.13a
2019-05-22 mirabilosmgp_1.11b.orig.tar.gz mgp-1.11b
2019-05-22 mirabilosmagicpoint-1.10a.tar.gz (MirPorts) mgp-1.10a
2019-05-22 mirabilosmgp_1.09a.orig.tar.gz mgp-1.09a
2019-05-22 mirabilosmgp_1.06a.19991206.orig.tar.gz mgp-1.06a.19991206
2019-05-22 mirabilosmgp_1.04a.orig.tar.gz (not available from upstream... mgp-1.04a
2019-02-16 mirabilosDebian installs one more sample file
2019-02-16 mirabilosadd compile and installation notes from debian/rules
2019-02-16 mirabilosspelling fixes, from lintian
2019-02-16 mirabilosfix guide rendering somewhat and make it consistent
2019-02-16 mirabilosseveral bugfixes: uninitialised variables, bad access,
2019-02-16 mirabilosfix tons of compiler warnings
2019-02-16 mirabilosthe imake-generated Makefiles do subdir distclean already
2019-02-16 mirabilosdebian/patches/568339.patch
2019-02-16 mirabilosdebian/patches/05_rakugaki_cursor.diff
2019-02-16 mirabilosdebian/patches/04_tex2ps_bashism.diff
2019-02-16 mirabilosdebian/patches/01_mgpnet_in.diff
2007-05-14 mirabilosmake this usable again – weirdly, the fact that this...
2007-05-12 mirabilosbreak this, this is weird: contrib/xmindpath is reconfi...
2005-03-18 mirabilosImport the MirPorts Framework, many files moved or...
2005-03-18 mirabilosInitial revision
2004-04-23 mirabilos* back out freetype2 support into flavour (it freezes...
2004-04-09 mirabilospretty much unbreak wrt mng, png, xft2, fontconfig
2004-03-31 mirabilosstupid directory called missing
2004-01-30 mirabilos* fix libpng detection
2003-11-12 mirabilosupdate, enable japanese etc.
2003-07-06 mirabilosmop up
2003-05-06 mirabilosImport OpenBSD ports CVS as of roughly 12:00-14:00...
2003-03-22 mirabilosFirst MirPorts package, still identical to OpenBSD...
1980-01-01 mirabilosStart of magicpoint MirPorts git packaging branch
1980-01-01 mirabilosStart of magicpoint packaging upstream branch