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last changeTue, 30 Jul 2019 15:12:22 +0000 (17:12 +0200)
2019-07-30 mirabilosupdate forward page cache docs master
2019-07-30 mirabiloswarn about cache files kept
2019-07-30 mirabilosswitch from v6header.eps to .jpg as this EPS crashes...
2019-07-30 mirabilosrepair examples (to use only %xfont for Xft2 or stock...
2019-07-30 mirabilosrename file
2019-07-30 mirabilosnuke duplicate
2019-07-30 mirabiloseh, make ’em volatile, this is not time-critical code...
2019-07-30 mirabilosfix
2019-07-30 mirabilosnext round of warning cleanup, almost done
2019-07-30 mirabilospart of -Wsign-compare
2019-07-30 mirabilosnext round of fixes, and more constification
2019-07-30 mirabilosnext round of fixes
2019-07-30 mirabilosbegin protoising
2019-07-27 mirabilosjpegoptim
2019-07-26 mirabilosmake it official
2019-07-26 mirabilosRevert "oops, for now"
10 months ago e/xli-lic last commit in which the xloadimage...
12 months ago mgp-1.04a-3 mgp_1.04a-3.dsc (NOT pgp-verified)
12 months ago mgp-1.06a.19991206-2 mgp_1.06a.19991206-2.dsc (NOT pgp...
12 months ago mgp-1.09a-5 mgp_1.09a-5.dsc (NOT pgp-verified)
12 months ago mgp-1.11b-1 mgp_1.11b-1.dsc (NOT pgp-verified)
12 months ago mgp-1.11b-2 mgp_1.11b-2.dsc (NOT pgp-verified)
12 months ago mgp-1.11b-3 mgp_1.11b-3.dsc (NOT pgp-verified)
12 months ago mgp-1.11b-4 mgp_1.11b-4.dsc (NOT pgp-verified)
12 months ago mgp-1.11b-5 mgp_1.11b-5.dsc (NOT pgp-verified)
12 months ago mgp-1.11b-6 mgp_1.11b-6.dsc (NOT pgp-verified)
12 months ago mgp-1.11b-7 mgp_1.11b-7.dsc (NOT pgp-verified)
12 months ago mgp-1.13a-1 mgp_1.13a-1.dsc (NOT pgp-verified)
12 months ago mgp-1.13a.20090219-1 mgp_1.13a+upstream20090219-1.dsc...
12 months ago mgp-1.13a.20090219-2 mgp_1.13a+upstream20090219-2.dsc...
12 months ago mgp-1.13a.20090219-3 mgp_1.13a+upstream20090219-3.dsc...
12 months ago mgp-1.13a.20090219-4 mgp_1.13a+upstream20090219-4.dsc...
6 weeks ago mgp-1.13a.20090219-11-patches-applied
10 months ago master
10 months ago debian