Merge branch 'rochade'
[alioth/musescore.git] / debian / changelog
2021-01-31 mirabilosMerge branch 'rochade'
2021-01-31 mirabilosrefresh maintainer scripts
2021-01-31 mirabilosmention d/watch change
2021-01-31 mirabilosupdate patch merged status
2021-01-31 mirabilosMerge branch 'rochade'
2021-01-31 mirabilosgood thing we debundled then…
2021-01-31 mirabilosbackport more fixes
2021-01-31 mirabilosprepare for uploading
2021-01-31 mirabilosMark branch 'rochade' as merged into 'master'
2021-01-31 mirabilosMerge branch 'rochade'
2021-01-31 mirabilosMerge branch 'rochade'
2021-01-31 mirabilosadd another patch from upstream
2021-01-31 mirabilosMerge tag '2.3.2+dfsg4' into rochade
2021-01-31 mirabilosensure we don’t even accidentally bundle FreeFont
2021-01-17 mirabilosMerge branch 'rochade'
2021-01-17 mirabilosrecent research found more copyright holders and years...
2021-01-17 mirabilosdocument recent changes
2020-10-29 mirabilosMerge tag '2.3.2+dfsg3-11'
2020-10-29 mirabilosoh, right; thanks lintian! 2.3.2+dfsg3-11
2020-10-29 mirabilossync with upstream (comments and Wyschnegradski)
2020-10-29 mirabilosMark branch 'rochade' as merged
2020-10-29 mirabilosalso bring better accidentals and F8vb/F15vb clefs...
2020-10-29 mirabilosmerge many 3.x improvements
2020-10-25 mirabilosupdate lintian overrides
2020-10-25 mirabilosforward; refresh all patches; update changelog
2020-10-25 mirabilosmore status line stuff
2020-10-25 mirabilosMerge branch 'rochade' into master (modulo lintian...
2020-10-25 mirabilosupdate with the (probably) final PR
2020-10-25 mirabilosMerge branch 'fontx' into master (final update is inter...
2020-10-25 mirabilosupdate lintian overrides (cf. #972844)
2020-10-24 mirabilosnew lintian, new override
2020-10-24 mirabilosget everything mscore3 packaging has to offer into...
2020-10-24 mirabilossilence a debugging message that has been bugging me
2020-10-24 mirabilosfix QA warning in AppData
2020-10-24 mirabilosupdate to tonight’s WIP
2020-10-24 mirabilos+
2020-10-22 mirabilostry2
2020-10-20 mirabilosfirst font hack
2020-08-06 mirabilosrename source package here as well 3.2.3+dfsg1-6
2020-08-06 mirabilosMerge tag '2.3.2+dfsg3-10' into master
2020-08-06 mirabilosupload 2.3.2+dfsg3-10
2020-08-02 mirabilosmake more reproducible soon
2020-08-01 mirabilosqtwebengine would also pull in OpenSSL, which we cannot...
2020-07-30 mirabilosMerge branch 'rochade' into master
2020-07-30 mirabilosprepare for reintroduction to Debian proper (hopefully)
2020-07-30 mirabilosadd more backported fixes
2020-07-30 mirabilosMerge branch 'rochade' into master
2020-07-30 mirabilosapply some of the backports from master here
2020-07-30 mirabilosSMuFL are going to fix this upstream
2020-07-30 mirabilosMerge branch 'rochade' into master
2020-07-30 mirabilosanother warning that’s outside my scope
2020-07-25 mirabilosupdate
2020-07-12 mirabilosadd some fixes from upstream; more to follow
2020-07-12 mirabilosMerge tag '2.3.2+dfsg3-8'
2020-07-12 mirabiloslintian-found issues 2.3.2+dfsg3-8
2020-07-12 mirabilosquieten nōnsense some
2020-07-12 mirabilosupdate changelog accordingly
2019-11-10 mirabilosadd new 3.2.x features to package description 3.2.3+dfsg1-4
2019-11-10 mirabilosMerge branch 'rochade'
2019-11-10 mirabilosdo it for all Depends and Recommends 2.3.2+dfsg3-7
2019-11-10 mirabilosMerge branch 'rochade'
2019-11-10 mirabilosAdd libmp3lame0 (Recommends, dlopen()ed) to B-D so...
2019-11-07 mirabiloslintian helps
2019-11-07 mirabilosMerge tag '2.3.2+dfsg3-7'
2019-11-07 mirabilosupdate lintian overrides
2019-11-07 mirabilosmerge branch experimental, without actually merging it
2019-11-07 mirabiloslintian: the font generating the warning is no longer...
2019-11-07 mirabilosdebundle freefont (as discussed with Campania) experime...
2019-11-07 mirabilosclean up after cherry-picking
2019-11-07 mirabilosanother bugfix I’d like to have in before destabilising
2019-11-07 mirabilosdebundle freefont (as discussed with Campania) experime...
2019-11-07 mirabilosadd several more (minor) upstream patches from
2019-11-07 mirabilosanother bugfix I’d like to have in before destabilising
2019-10-30 mirabiloslintian update: false positive is gone 3.2.3+dfsg1-3
2019-10-30 mirabilosapply a forwards compatibility crash fix
2019-09-29 mirabilosflesh out changelog entries more 3.2.3+dfsg1-2
2019-09-29 mirabilosMerge tag '2.3.2+dfsg3-6'
2019-09-29 mirabilosdon’t overquote! 2.3.2+dfsg3-6
2019-09-29 mirabilosPolicy (via d-d-a), c.p.
2019-09-29 mirabilosuse /usr/share/dpkg/ only if extant:
2019-09-29 mirabilosmodernise and fix packaging (escapes, etc.)
2019-09-29 mirabilosuse C.UTF-8 for build *and* test
2019-09-29 mirabilosset the umask consistently, for each shell invocation
2019-09-29 mirabilosMerge branch 'rochade'
2019-09-29 mirabilosforce umask for upstream build, maybe fixes FTBR
2019-09-29 mirabilosfix misspelling, caught by forum user Imaginatorium
2019-09-29 mirabilosupdate changelog to appropriate the cherry-pick
2019-08-21 mirabilosBug#931358: musescore 2.3.2+dfsg2-7~deb10u1 flagged...
2019-08-06 mirabilosMerge branch 'rochade'
2019-08-06 mirabiloswrite year numbers in consistent style; further MuseJaz...
2019-08-02 mirabilosMerge branch 'rochade'
2019-08-02 mirabilosclear up MuseJazz historic authorship with information...
2019-07-22 mirabilosforce umask for upstream build, maybe fixes FTBR
2019-07-10 mirabilosthis should look better 3.2.3+dfsg1-1
2019-07-10 mirabilosfix stretch-backports-sloppy build
2019-07-09 mirabilosprepare for uploading
2019-07-09 mirabilosMerge branch 'rochade'
2019-07-09 mirabilosmove d/m-c.NEWS gist to m-c long package description
2019-07-09 mirabilosMerge branch 'rochade'
2019-07-09 mirabilosupdate