first run of lintian
[alioth/musescore.git] / debian / control
2021-01-31 mirabilosfirst run of lintian 2.3.2+dfsg4-12
2021-01-31 mirabilosMerge tag '2.3.2+dfsg4' into rochade
2020-07-30 mirabilosprepare for reintroduction to Debian proper (hopefully)
2020-07-12 mirabilosbump debhelper to 13
2020-07-12 mirabilosapply 3.2.3+dfsg1-4exp1..b39a95ed from experimental...
2020-04-22 mirabilosdrop unused qt5 sqlite, it’s illegal anyway
2019-11-10 mirabilosdo it for all Depends and Recommends 2.3.2+dfsg3-7
2019-11-10 mirabilosAdd libmp3lame0 (Recommends, dlopen()ed) to B-D so...
2019-11-10 mirabilostiny reorder of B-D (no change)
2019-11-10 mirabilosjessie has this, no need for the old package name to...
2019-11-07 mirabilosdebundle freefont (as discussed with Campania) experime...
2019-09-29 mirabilosPolicy (via d-d-a), c.p.
2019-09-29 mirabilosimprove dependencies wrapping
2019-08-21 mirabilosBug#931358: musescore 2.3.2+dfsg2-7~deb10u1 flagged...
2019-07-09 mirabilosmove d/m-c.NEWS gist to m-c long package description
2019-07-07 mirabilosbump Policy (no changes required here), grudgingly,
2019-07-04 mirabilosdocument where those version constraints come from
2019-07-04 mirabilosMerge branch 'master' into rochade
2019-07-03 mirabilosMerge branch 'master' into rochade
2019-07-02 mirabilosMerge branch 'rochade' of git+ssh://
2019-07-02 mirabilosthis should display distro versioning in the UI
2019-07-02 mirabilosMerge tag '2.3.2+dfsg2-7ubuntu1' into rochade
2019-07-02 mirabilosMerge '2.3.2+dfsg2-7' and the *buntu branch; identical to 2.3.2+dfsg2-7ubuntu1
2019-06-24 mirabilosDisable webkit functionality (Closes: #931021) 2.3.2+dfsg2-7
2019-05-03 mirabilosMerge tag '2.3.2+dfsg2-6ubuntu1' into rochade 2.3.2+dfsg3-1
2019-05-03 mirabilosapply recommended debhelper 12 settings
2019-04-19 mirabilosMerge branch 'master' into rochade
2019-04-18 mirabilosshuffle stuff around for wtf
2019-04-18 mirabilosMerge branch 'upstream-stable' into rochade
2019-04-18 mirabilosMerge branch 'master' into rochade
2019-04-18 mirabilosMerge branch 'master' into rochade
2019-04-18 mirabilosadd some fun from the experimental branch
2019-04-18 mirabilosend castling move (src:musescore in experimental and...
2019-02-27 mirabilosupdate VCS-*
2019-01-11 mirabiloscopy improved comment from src:musescore-snapshot
2019-01-11 mirabilosbump Policy; simplify soundfonts Depends
2018-12-14 mirabilosnew soundfont handling
2018-12-14 mirabilosdrop both vtests and autopkgtests, these are not useful...
2018-12-13 mirabilostiny ordering cosmetic
2018-12-07 mirabilos(untested) run upstream tests during build
2018-11-29 mirabilosprepare an upload to sid 2.3.2+dfsg2-1
2018-11-29 mirabilosMerge branch 'experimental' into master, modulo some
2018-11-27 mirabilosmatch new files’ headers in the short package description
2018-11-14 mirabilosMerge tag 'upstream/2.3.2+dfsg2' into experimental
2018-11-14 mirabilosMerge tag 'upstream/2.3.2+dfsg2' into experimental
2018-11-14 mirabilosMerge branch 'master' into experimental
2018-09-09 mirabilosPolicy 2.3.2+dfsg1-2
2018-08-02 mirabilosbump S-V
2018-07-31 mirabiloswhere would I be without lintian’s spell checker? ☺ 2.3.2+dfsg1-1
2018-07-31 mirabilosupdate package description, tons of input from upstream
2018-07-31 mirabilosmake musescore-common the first binary package stanza...
2018-07-31 mirabilosMerge tag 'upstream/2.3.2+dfsg1' into master
2018-07-10 mirabilosswitch VCS to experimental again
2018-07-10 mirabilosMerge branch 'master' into experimental
2018-07-07 mirabilosbump policy; introduce R³=no; update changelog
2018-07-07 mirabilosMerge tag 'upstream/2.3.1+dfsg1'
2018-07-01 mirabilosupdate for new upstream version 2.3+dfsg1-1
2018-07-01 mirabilosMerge branch 'upstream-stable' into master:
2018-07-01 mirabilosMerge branch 'experimental' into master
2018-06-20 mirabilosupdate for 2.3
2018-06-20 mirabilosMerge tag 'upstream/2.3_pre20180620+dfsg1' into experim...
2018-06-20 mirabilosswitch to pre-release snapshots in experimental again
2018-04-23 mirabilosuse a version at least new enough to pull in the change...
2018-04-23 mirabilosany 2.2-series musescore-common should suffice for...
2018-04-12 mirabilosprepare for next upload after this to go to sid again
2018-04-12 mirabilosupdate VCS-* URIs for experimental 2.2.1+dfsg1-2
2018-04-12 mirabilosuse portmidi only on GNU/Linux, not on GNU/Hurd (or...
2018-04-12 mirabilosRevert "TEMPORARILY build w/o portmidi"
2018-04-12 mirabilosnew Policy
2018-04-12 mirabilosTEMPORARILY build w/o portmidi to investigate hurd...
2018-04-12 mirabilosupdate Maintainer field
2018-04-03 mirabilosMerge tag 'upstream/2.2.1+dfsg1'
2018-03-31 mirabilosmscore uses gcc4.8-specific c++11 constructs
2018-03-31 mirabilosB-D on libqt5opengl5-dev explicitly
2018-03-31 mirabilosMerge commit 'df36c714d478a337e931df6ae16a7606e72d6003'
2018-03-31 mirabilosbuild-depend on g++ 4.7, for backports
2018-03-31 mirabilos… whoever decided THIS…
2018-03-28 mirabilosMerge tag 'upstream/2.2+dfsg1'
2018-03-28 mirabilosMerge branch 'experimental'
2018-03-25 mirabilosbump fluidr3mono-gm-soundfont and hope for the best
2018-03-25 mirabilosMerge branch 'master' into experimental
2018-03-25 mirabilosMerge tag 'upstream/2.2_pre20180325+dfsg1' into experim...
2018-03-16 mirabilosupdate for the new snapshot
2018-03-16 mirabilosMerge tag 'upstream/2.2_pre20180316+dfsg1' into experim...
2018-03-16 mirabilosMerge branch 'master' into experimental
2018-03-16 mirabilosMerge branch 'master' into experimental
2018-03-16 mirabilosMerge branch 'master' into experimental
2018-03-16 mirabilosMerge branch 'master' into experimental
2018-03-16 mirabilosMerge branch 'master' into experimental
2018-03-15 mirabilosMerge branch 'master' into experimental
2018-03-15 mirabilosgitlab is being stupid, I’d prefer the overview to...
2018-03-15 mirabilosI always forget this… thanks DDPO
2018-03-15 mirabilosdepend on fluidr3mono-gm-soundfont (>= 2.315-2~)…
2018-03-15 mirabilosMerge branch 'master' into experimental
2018-03-14 mirabilospermit Qt 5.10 since the bug is fixed
2018-03-14 mirabilosMerge branch 'master' into experimental
2018-03-14 mirabilosrequire Qt < 5.10 for 2.1 due to #802710
2018-03-13 mirabilosMerge branch 'master' into experimental
2018-03-07 mirabilosadd Recommends: libmp3lame0
2018-03-06 mirabilosMerge branch 'master' into experimental