minimise d/rules diff to master
[alioth/musescore.git] / debian / rules
2019-07-09 mirabilosminimise d/rules diff to master
2019-07-09 mirabilosdebian/rules: shove more branch-varying names into...
2019-07-09 mirabilosdirectories that differ between branches into d/rules...
2019-07-09 mirabilosdirectories that differ between branches into variables
2019-07-04 mirabilosMerge branch 'master' into rochade
2019-07-03 mirabilosMerge branch 'master' into rochade
2019-07-02 mirabilosthis should work even on precise 2.3.2+dfsg3-3
2019-07-02 mirabilosMirPorts can do better than Debian, apparently… move...
2019-07-02 mirabilostry with a level less quoting
2019-07-02 mirabilosMerge branch 'rochade' of git+ssh://
2019-07-02 mirabilosthis should display distro versioning in the UI
2019-07-02 mirabilosMerge tag '2.3.2+dfsg2-7ubuntu1' into rochade
2019-07-02 mirabilosMerge '2.3.2+dfsg2-7' and the *buntu branch; identical to 2.3.2+dfsg2-7ubuntu1
2019-06-24 mirabilosDisable webkit functionality (Closes: #931021) 2.3.2+dfsg2-7
2019-06-02 mirabilosuse C.UTF-8; optimise a bit
2019-06-02 mirabilospimp d/rules, build with LC_ALL=C, clean doxygen output
2019-06-02 mirabilosmove nocheck test to debian/buildtest as it parses...
2019-04-18 mirabilosMerge branch 'upstream-stable' into rochade
2018-12-14 mirabilosCPPFLAGS+=-DNDEBUG 2.3.2+dfsg2-2
2018-12-07 mirabiloscease shipping mtests’ binaries, not feasible due to...
2018-12-07 mirabilostry another way to get -j
2018-12-07 mirabilos(untested) run upstream tests during build
2018-11-14 mirabilosMerge tag 'upstream/2.3.2+dfsg2' into experimental
2018-11-14 mirabilosRevert "add a few PHONY targets"
2018-11-14 mirabilosRevert "add a few PHONY targets"
2018-11-14 mirabilosMerge tag 'upstream/2.3.2+dfsg2' into experimental
2018-11-14 mirabilosMerge branch 'master' into experimental
2018-10-15 mirabilosadd a few PHONY targets
2018-09-09 mirabilosmore Policy
2018-08-02 mirabilosPolicy suggests upstream release notes be calle...
2018-08-02 mirabilosthis is now required by Policy
2018-07-31 mirabilosinstall extra doc files only into m.-common as m. Depen...
2018-07-31 mirabilosstop installing unversioned /usr/share/mscore symlink:
2018-07-31 mirabilosMerge tag 'upstream/2.3.2+dfsg1' into master
2018-07-31 mirabilosdrop unnecessary get-orig-source target, just calling...
2018-07-10 mirabilosMerge branch 'master' into experimental
2018-07-07 mirabilosand again, sub-makes… so the minimum 2.3.1+dfsg1-1
2018-07-07 mirabilosok, so perhaps I misunderstood what line is for
2018-07-07 mirabilosok, so this worked a tad t̲o̲o̲ well…
2018-07-07 mirabilosMerge tag 'upstream/2.3.1+dfsg1'
2018-07-07 mirabilosinstate GNU parallel make(1) output synchronisation
2018-07-01 mirabilosMerge branch 'upstream-stable' into master:
2018-07-01 mirabilosMerge branch 'experimental' into master
2018-06-20 mirabilosdisable checking for software updates
2018-06-20 mirabilosno-change refactoring
2018-06-20 mirabilosMerge tag 'upstream/2.3_pre20180620+dfsg1' into experim...
2018-05-19 mirabilosDEB_BUILD_OPTIONS flags naming policy 2.2.1+dfsg1-5
2018-05-17 mirabilosif DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS contains Og build with -Og (better...
2018-04-20 mirabilosmove line to match position in jessie-backports-sloppy...
2018-04-12 mirabilosuse portmidi only on GNU/Linux, not on GNU/Hurd (or...
2018-04-12 mirabilosRevert "TEMPORARILY build w/o portmidi"
2018-04-12 mirabilosTEMPORARILY build w/o portmidi to investigate hurd...
2018-04-12 mirabilossplit cmake -D… args into a make variable
2018-04-03 mirabilosRevert "make /usr/share/mscore/sound a symlink": 2.2.1+dfsg1-1
2018-04-03 mirabilosmake /usr/share/mscore/sound a symlink
2018-04-03 mirabilosMerge tag 'upstream/2.2.1+dfsg1'
2018-03-31 mirabilosset freetype2 header path explicitly (LP#1417732)
2018-03-31 mirabilosMerge commit 'df36c714d478a337e931df6ae16a7606e72d6003'
2018-03-28 mirabilosMerge tag 'upstream/2.2+dfsg1'
2018-03-28 mirabilosMerge branch 'experimental'
2018-03-25 mirabilosMerge branch 'master' into experimental
2018-03-25 mirabilosMerge tag 'upstream/2.2_pre20180325+dfsg1' into experim...
2018-03-16 mirabilosrename
2018-03-16 mirabilosthe new version must be told to keep hands off downloading
2018-03-16 mirabilosMerge tag 'upstream/2.2_pre20180316+dfsg1' into experim...
2018-03-05 mirabilosMerge tag 'upstream/2.1.0+dfsg3'
2018-03-05 mirabilosMerge branch 'experiments/tg-2.1'
2018-03-05 mirabilosmerge fluid fixes from dd2d4b1
2018-03-05 mirabilosMerge branch 'experiments/tg-2.2' into experimental 2.2%pre20180302+dfsg1-1
2018-03-05 mirabilosupdate for the new upstream snapshot
2018-03-05 mirabilosMerge tag 'upstream/2.2_pre20180302+dfsg1' into experim...
2018-03-05 mirabilostry to help the PCH around
2018-03-04 mirabilostry to help the PCH around
2018-03-04 mirabilosdrop redundant $(CURDIR) and make linking more reliable
2018-03-04 mirabilosmake all packaged soundfonts available to MuseScore...
2018-03-04 mirabilosdrop redundant $(CURDIR) and make linking more reliable
2018-03-04 mirabilosmake all packaged soundfonts available to MuseScore...
2018-02-11 Dr. Tobias QuathamerMerge tag 'upstream/2.2_pre20180209+dfsg1' into experim...
2018-02-11 Dr. Tobias QuathamerMerge branch 'master' into experimental
2018-02-11 Dr. Tobias QuathamerUpdated version 2.1.0+dfsg2 from 'upstream/2.1.0+dfsg2'
2018-02-11 Dr. Tobias QuathamerRemove debhelper's --parallel option, is now default
2017-11-16 mirabilosMerge tag 'upstream/2.2%pre20171116+dfsg1' into experim...
2017-10-10 mirabilosoops, perhaps this is better… 2.1.0+dfsg1-1
2017-10-10 mirabilosfix thinko
2017-10-10 mirabilosinstall fluidr3mono-gm-soundfont’s upstream changelog
2017-10-10 mirabilossplit fluidr3mono-gm-soundfont off musescore-common...
2017-10-10 mirabilosfixup soundfont licence info:
2017-08-04 mirabilosdrop 01-debundle-freetype.patch, use new USE_SYSTEM_FRE...
2017-08-04 mirabilosMerge tag 'upstream/2.1.0+dfsg1'
2016-07-17 James CowgillOnly install /usr/share/mscore symlink when building...
2016-07-09 James CowgillUse -Wl,--as-needed to avoid extra library dependencies
2016-07-09 James CowgillEnable all hardening flags
2016-07-09 James CowgillModernize debian/rules and use cmake directly
2016-06-18 Peter JonasUpdate debian files after upstream release
2016-06-18 Peter JonasUpdated version 2.0.3+dfsg1 from 'upstream/2.0.3+dfsg1'
2016-05-24 Peter Jonasset revision automatically when importing new upstream...
2015-07-17 Tiago Bortoletto VazMerge tag 'upstream/2.0.2'
2015-07-17 Tiago Bortoletto Vaz2.0.2
2015-06-17 Tiago Bortoletto VazHardening build.
2015-06-17 Tiago Bortoletto VazCommenting unwanted move from get-orig-sources.