2019-06-02 mirabilosredo it in multiple smaller patches
2019-06-02 mirabilosadd a PR of mine pending merging
2019-06-02 mirabilosrevert, back to the Reißbrett
2019-06-02 mirabilospartially working, but really… not so
2019-06-02 mirabilosuse C.UTF-8; optimise a bit
2019-06-02 mirabilospimp d/rules, build with LC_ALL=C, clean doxygen output
2019-06-02 mirabilosmove nocheck test to debian/buildtest as it parses...
2019-06-02 mirabiloslog MIDI note collisions we let sounding (that would...
2019-05-03 mirabilosMerge tag '2.3.2+dfsg2-6ubuntu1' into rochade 2.3.2+dfsg3-1
2019-05-03 2.3.2+dfsg2-6ubuntu1
2019-05-03 mirabilosapply recommended debhelper 12 settings
2019-05-03 mirabilosmark as applied upstream
2019-05-02 mirabilosupdate AppData PR patch
2019-05-02 mirabilosadopt the better short description from file dropped...
2019-05-02 mirabilossquash these patches, we have delta anyway
2019-05-02 mirabilosmark as applied upstream (already in the experimental...
2019-04-19 mirabilosMerge branch 'master' into rochade
2019-04-19 mirabilosfix links; upload 2.3.2+dfsg2-6
2019-04-18 mirabilosshuffle stuff around for wtf
2019-04-18 mirabilosprepare for rdoc/omr exclusion
2019-04-18 mirabilosMerge branch 'upstream-stable' into rochade
2019-04-18 mirabilosNew repackaging 2.3.2+dfsg3 for src:musescore2 (castling) 2.3.2+dfsg3
2019-04-18 mirabilosdrop unused omr/rdoc
2019-04-18 mirabilosadjust for 2.x
2019-04-18 mirabilosmake it apply
2019-04-18 mirabilosDEP 3
2019-04-18 mirabilosMerge branch 'master' into rochade
2019-04-18 mirabilosanother licence review thing
2019-04-18 mirabiloshook up the patches
2019-04-18 mirabilosMerge branch 'master' into rochade
2019-04-18 mirabilosanother copyright fix from the experimental branch
2019-04-18 mirabilosadd some fun from the experimental branch
2019-04-18 mirabilosend castling move (src:musescore in experimental and...
2019-04-18 mirabilosupdate links (old ones still work by redirecting, though)
2019-04-18 mirabilosadd patch from Gentoo to fix build with Qt 5.12
2019-04-17 mirabilosanother oversight from reviewing v3.1beta
2019-04-17 mirabilosDEP 5 sucks
2019-04-16 mirabilosincorporate fixes from ftpmaster review 2.3.2+dfsg2-5
2019-04-16 mirabilosmark as applied upstream and refresh patch from what...
2019-02-27 mirabilospull a few more improvements from m-snapshot 2.3.2+dfsg2-4
2019-02-27 mirabilosmissing changelog entry
2019-02-27 mirabilostrack 2.x for now only
2019-02-27 mirabilosupload to get the updated VCS-* into the release
2019-02-27 mirabilosupdate VCS-*
2019-02-27 mirabilosreorder
2019-02-19 mirabilosmark as applied upstream
2019-02-07 mirabilosmove applied-upstream patch
2019-02-07 mirabilosmark as applied upstream
2019-01-27 mirabilosmake the mscore3 note user-friendly; prepare for upload 2.3.2+dfsg2-3
2019-01-27 mirabilososs-salsa now reports ALSA version 1.0.10
2019-01-11 mirabiloscopy improved comment from src:musescore-snapshot
2019-01-11 mirabilosbump Policy; simplify soundfonts Depends
2019-01-11 mirabiloscosmetic fix in test runner script
2019-01-08 mirabilosmusescore 3 (NOT to be uploaded before buster!) is...
2018-12-14 mirabilosCPPFLAGS+=-DNDEBUG 2.3.2+dfsg2-2
2018-12-14 mirabilosfix typo
2018-12-14 mirabilosdocument that we don’t have useful autopkgtests at...
2018-12-14 mirabilosnew soundfont handling
2018-12-14 mirabilosbegin updating the changelog; disable (only) restriking...
2018-12-14 mirabilosreorder patches
2018-12-14 mirabilosmove all upstreamable but not yet merged patches to...
2018-12-14 mirabilospull *all* patches from the experimental branch
2018-12-14 mirabilosdrop both vtests and autopkgtests, these are not useful...
2018-12-13 mirabilostiny ordering cosmetic
2018-12-07 mirabilosdo NOT upload this!
2018-12-07 mirabiloscease shipping mtests’ binaries, not feasible due to...
2018-12-07 mirabilosremove running the vtests at compile time; we’ll have...
2018-12-07 mirabilosthis ought to let the vtests run without errors
2018-12-07 mirabilostrim the / so ln(1) DTRT and the mtests all pass
2018-12-07 mirabiloshow did I fuck up s̲o̲ much?
2018-12-07 mirabilosfix thinko
2018-12-07 mirabilostry another way to get -j
2018-12-07 mirabilossomehow I doubt this will work better than dry
2018-12-07 mirabilosalso copyout vtest stuff
2018-12-07 mirabilosI guess the jobserver doesn’t reach into here
2018-12-07 mirabilostry them as autopkgtests, too
2018-12-07 mirabilos(untested) run upstream tests during build
2018-12-07 mirabilosupdate with texts from
2018-11-29 mirabilosprepare an upload to sid 2.3.2+dfsg2-1
2018-11-29 mirabilosMerge branch 'experimental' into master, modulo some
2018-11-29 mirabilosRevert "experimental lyrics hyphen patches" temporarily
2018-11-29 mirabilossubmit them upstream
2018-11-29 mirabilosexperimental lyrics hyphen patches
2018-11-29 mirabilosadd new manpage
2018-11-27 mirabilosmatch new files’ headers in the short package description
2018-11-23 mirabilosupdate tags/documentation 2.3.2+dfsg2-0+exp1
2018-11-23 mirabilossplit patch, also reduces diff against packaging branch...
2018-11-23 mirabilosdouble-check and sync with master patch
2018-11-22 mirabilosnext attempt to fixup memory management
2018-11-22 mirabilosfix pasto
2018-11-22 mirabilos… another try, with Valgrind…
2018-11-22 mirabilosvalgrind vomit fixup versuch
2018-11-22 mirabilostry to fix it better
2018-11-22 mirabilosimprove the backport
2018-11-22 mirabilosretry with more backports
2018-11-22 mirabilosfix mergo
2018-11-22 mirabilosadd patch from my better-batch-convert branch
2018-11-15 mirabilosforward another patch upstream
2018-11-15 mirabilosmove diffs so all are subdir’d
2018-11-14 mirabilosfixup incomplete revert