2021-06-06 mirabilosapply a fix for storing offset values for large samples... master polyphone_2.2.0.20210109+dfsg1-2
2021-01-19 mirabilosdon’t use current (build) timestamp for © year; small... polyphone_2.2.0.20210109+dfsg1-1
2021-01-19 mirabilosrefresh
2021-01-19 mirabilosswitch back from WolfSSL to OpenSSL:
2021-01-19 mirabilosbump S-V
2021-01-19 mirabilosMerge tag 'polyphone_2.2.0.20210109+dfsg1'
2021-01-19 mirabilospolyphone_2.2.0.20210109+dfsg1.orig.tar.xz upstream polyphone_2.2.0.20210109+dfsg1
2021-01-19 mirabilosfixup {CPP,C,CXX}FLAGS handling, from MuseScore packaging
2021-01-19 mirabilosRevert "fix installing the .desktop file", fixed upstre...
2020-11-13 mirabilosfix installing the .desktop file polyphone_2.2.0.20200830+dfsg1-1
2020-11-13 mirabilosoops, I did this mistake again (refactoro)…
2020-11-13 mirabilosupdate lintian overrides
2020-11-12 mirabilosLE only, for now
2020-11-12 mirabilosrefresh
2020-11-12 mirabilosupdate patches, drop merged
2020-11-12 mirabilosupdate debian/copyright for the new upstream snapshot
2020-11-12 mirabilosMerge tag 'polyphone_2.2.0.20200830+dfsg1'
2020-11-12 mirabilospolyphone_2.2.0.20200830+dfsg1.orig.tar.xz polyphone_2.2.0.20200830+dfsg1
2020-11-12 mirabilosupstream renamed their bundled convenience copies,...
2020-09-02 mirabilosa collection of more issues to tacke on next upload
2020-09-02 mirabilosadd the architecture to the version info as well
2020-09-02 mirabilosfix a minor display issue
2020-09-02 mirabilosdiscussion around #98 solved (no-change commit)
2020-09-02 mirabilosthis was applied upstream… well applied-ish enough
2020-08-10 mirabilosforward more patches
2020-08-10 mirabilosmany patches were applied upstream
2020-07-21 mirabilosforward our patches
2020-07-21 mirabilosrefresh patches
2020-07-21 mirabilosprepare for new snapshot
2020-07-21 mirabilosMerge tag 'polyphone_2.2.0.20200707+dfsg1' into master
2020-07-21 mirabilospolyphone_2.2.0.20200707+dfsg1.orig.tar.xz polyphone_2.2.0.20200707+dfsg1
2020-07-07 mirabilosadd another pull request patch
2020-07-07 mirabilosupdate with info from sources/dialogs/dialog_about.cpp
2020-07-03 mirabilosrun this in the correct directory polyphone_2.2.0.20200612+dfsg1-1
2020-07-03 mirabilosMerge tag 'polyphone_2.2.0.20200612+dfsg1'
2020-07-03 mirabilosrefresh
2020-07-03 mirabilosremove SF3 support to be able to distribute combined...
2020-07-03 mirabilospolyphone_2.2.0.20200612+dfsg1.orig.tar.xz polyphone_2.2.0.20200612+dfsg1
2020-07-03 mirabiloslintian found a man warning (correctly)
2020-07-03 mirabilosthis should install a sufficient amount of files
2020-07-03 mirabilosadd Debian version number to the in-program info
2020-07-03 mirabiloslrelease backend
2020-07-03 mirabilosrefresh patches accordingly
2020-07-03 mirabilosadjust for the upstream snapshot
2020-07-03 mirabilosMerge branch 'upstream'
2020-07-03 mirabilospolyphone_2.2.0.20200612+dfsg0.orig.tar.xz (NOT distrib...
2020-07-03 mirabilosprepare for a snapshot
2020-07-03 mirabilosswitch to snapshot packaging for now
2020-07-03 mirabilosadd more stuff from PRs
2020-07-03 mirabilosensure the build breaks so we can check the PLISTs
2020-07-03 mirabiloshow the ever fuck could this have worked for upstream?
2020-07-03 mirabiloswork around #964230 (hopefully)
2020-07-03 mirabilosnext round, warnings
2020-07-03 mirabilosno longer necessary, I believe
2020-07-03 mirabilosmight fix the failure to link
2020-07-03 mirabilosanother CFrustFrust thingy I don’t even get
2020-07-03 mirabilosapparently needed — see #964215
2020-07-03 mirabilosmore fixes
2020-07-03 mirabilosQt emits lots of deprecated warnings that clutter our...
2020-07-03 mirabilosanother patch…
2020-07-03 mirabilosanother wolfssl patch to find includes
2020-07-03 mirabilosanother build fix for system headers
2020-07-03 mirabiloswork around a fucking CFrustFrust warning unknowingly...
2020-07-03 mirabiloslooks as if dh7 can’t do qmake out-of-tree builds at all
2020-07-03 mirabilosRevert faulty "looks as if dh7 can’t do qmake out-of...
2020-07-03 mirabiloslintian…
2020-07-03 mirabiloslooks as if dh7 can’t do qmake out-of-tree builds at all
2020-07-03 mirabilosfirst attempt at making this build
2020-07-03 mirabilosrefresh and adapt to CR-LF line endings (WTF, upstream‽)
2020-07-03 mirabiloslet’s try to give this a chance
2020-07-03 mirabilosadd another compile fix proposed
2020-06-03 mirabilosreplace OpenSSL with wolfSSL (GPLv2+) which looks like...
2020-06-03 mirabilosrudimentary rules file, nowhere near done
2020-06-03 mirabilosfurther “fun”…
2020-06-03 mirabilosgive this some closure to honour the format, until...
2020-06-03 mirabilostrack down Font Awesome SVGs TTBOMK
2020-06-03 mirabilosMerge branch 'upstream'
2020-06-03 mirabilosfirst cut at polyphone_2.2.0+dfsg1.orig.tar.xz (NOT...
2020-06-03 mirabilosok, let’s start working with this
2020-06-03 mirabilosuse the tag, the release is not prepared well
2020-06-03 mirabilosskim through all declared licences; enough for uscan