2020-11-11 mirabilosalso undo some 2→5 changes in default lines bullseye-migrate rng-tools-5migrate1
2020-11-11 mirabilosfix logic mistakes
2020-11-11 mirabilosfix refactoro
2020-11-11 mirabiloscomment on urgency vs. need to have this in bullseye
2020-11-11 mirabilosnow I see why some files must be moved away in preinst
2020-11-11 mirabilosquell an insserv warning
2020-11-11 mirabilosmost simple doesn’t cut it
2020-11-11 mirabilosrestart rng-tools-debian after migration if necessary
2020-11-11 mirabilosa round of lintian
2020-11-11 mirabilosadd appropriate NEWS file
2020-11-11 mirabilostighten the version range blocked for the migration...
2020-11-11 mirabilosthis might just do the trick
2020-11-10 mirabilosR³, VCS-*
2020-11-10 mirabiloswe probably shouldn’t be using an epoch here
2020-11-10 mirabilosskeleton package