2020-11-13 mirabilosbrown paper bag for a bug from version 1.0-1 (!) master rng-tools-debian-2.3
2020-11-11 mirabilosa round of lintian rng-tools-debian-2.2
2020-11-11 mirabilosmove rng-tools from Conflicts to Breaks
2020-11-11 mirabilosfix the previous maintainer’s NEWS file entry
2020-11-11 mirabilosmatch tightened version numbers
2020-11-11 mirabilostry to insist that modules be loaded early, might fix...
2020-11-11 mirabilosupdate metadata, news, etc.
2020-11-10 mirabilosprepare for the takeover
2020-11-10 mirabilosdon’t use findstring when inappropriate
2020-11-10 mirabiloswe’re nearing a 2.2 upload
2020-11-10 mirabilosthis is not really useful
2020-11-10 mirabilosthis file does not even exist
2020-11-10 mirabilosimplement -S for statistics interval control
2020-11-10 mirabilosautofools insist on toplev/ChangeLog *sigh…*
2020-11-10 mirabilosvolatile sig_atomic_t if signal handlers modify it
2020-11-10 mirabilosreorder struct to minimise padding
2020-11-10 mirabilosupdate documentation:
2020-11-10 mirabilosfix whitespace and shrink now-misleading comment to...
2020-11-10 mirabilosextra string check
2020-11-10 mirabilosbug management
2020-11-10 mirabiloshmh is no longer responsible for all of this, only...
2020-11-10 mirabilosdocument the previous thing here as well
2020-11-10 mirabilosinform the user during package installation if no devic...
2020-11-10 mirabilosupdate from jupp (template)
2020-11-10 mirabilosalso syslog when no device at all was found
2020-11-10 mirabilosHRNGSELECT must come _before_ finddevice
2020-11-10 mirabilosMerge “don’t error if no device found” + “read from...
2020-11-10 mirabilosreassign and drop one of the issues
2020-11-10 mirabilosdocument more that rng-tools5 should be the default
2020-11-10 mirabilosput a time limit on that dd
2020-11-10 mirabilosquick doc that
2020-11-10 mirabilosno
2020-11-10 mirabilosdon’t fail the initscript if no device could be found...
2020-11-10 mirabilosuse a device only if it delivers data; virtio-rng doesn...
2020-11-10 mirabilosmore variants of this error message
2020-11-10 mirabilosfix bad linewrap
2020-11-08 mirabilosmore asking around for best ways to start/stop rngd
2020-11-08 mirabilosadd new upstream
2020-11-08 mirabilosreassign bugs
2020-11-08 mirabilosgo through the bugreports
2020-11-08 mirabilosmerge another submitted patch
2020-11-08 mirabilosupdate changelog from previos commit (git am’d)
2020-11-08 RonFix the broken FIPS 140-2 runs test
2020-11-08 mirabilosdrop todo, #919893 will be fixed RSN
2020-11-08 mirabilosfix installation of NEWS* files
2019-08-16 mirabilosconsider installing randstat (needs manpage though) rng-tools-debian-2.1
2019-08-16 mirabilosfix perlre(1)
2019-08-16 mirabilosthis file is likely also no longer necessary
2019-08-16 mirabilosmark as linux-any
2019-08-16 mirabilosupdate info for the fork
2019-08-16 mirabilosthis is no longer needed
2019-08-16 mirabilosquieten a warning (meh…)
2019-08-16 mirabilosmodernise packaging from my mgp WIP
2019-08-16 mirabiloslintian for switching to native
2019-08-16 mirabilosfix fortify strncpy warning (XXX use strlcpy instead?)
2019-08-16 mirabilosbegin conversion to native package
2019-08-16 mirabiloswhitespace
2019-08-16 mirabilosreplace patches by single-debian-patch
2019-08-16 mirabilosapply debian/patches/bugfixes.diff
2019-08-16 mirabilosapply debian/patches/spelling.diff
2019-01-20 mirabilosupdate package description rng-tools-debian-2-unofficial-mt.14-3
2019-01-20 mirabilosupdate TODO
2019-01-06 mirabilosembedding code into an /etc/default/ file was not my...
2019-01-06 mirabilosRNG selection, follow hmh’s advice from #590141 though rng-tools-debian-2-unofficial-mt.14-2
2019-01-06 mirabilosapply patch from #620692
2019-01-06 mirabilosuse LSB logging for missing HW RNG autodetect (like...
2019-01-06 mirabilosdocument how to use the TPM RNG
2019-01-06 mirabilosupdate lintian overrides
2019-01-06 mirabiloslintian says lsb-base needed for init functions
2019-01-06 mirabilosmisc:Pre-Depends was defined but not used
2019-01-06 mirabilosmore compiler warning fixes
2019-01-06 mirabilosbegin fixing up the code
2019-01-06 mirabilosclean up after ourselves
2019-01-06 mirabilostemporarily make it buildable
2019-01-06 mirabilosfix executable bit
2019-01-06 mirabilosupdate changelog with recent unlisted changes
2019-01-06 mirabilos… and bump the Policy version
2019-01-06 mirabilosnow we can modernise the packaging (and check the outco...
2019-01-06 mirabilosUMEGAYA
2019-01-06 mirabilosalso implement try-restart from that xrdp init script...
2019-01-06 mirabilosimplement proper restart|force-reload, also from xrdp
2019-01-06 mirabilossimplify
2019-01-06 mirabilosimplement status
2019-01-06 mirabilosclean up
2019-01-06 mirabilosreplace by a script based on the one I made for xrdp
2019-01-06 mirabilosfix a few more hyphen-as-minus-sign; add DEP 3 header
2019-01-06 mirabilosredo the postinst script from jupp’s packaging
2019-01-06 mirabilosact on one of lintian’s concerns
2019-01-06 mirabilosbegin modernising the packaging:
2019-01-06 mirabilosthese two files were unclean after a build
2019-01-06 mirabilospristine-tar data for rng-tools-debian_2-unofficial...
2019-01-06 mirabilosadd an older spelling fix patch of mine
2019-01-06 mirabilosadd a couple missing required things
2019-01-06 mirabilostake over the package, renamed to rng-tools-debian
2011-06-29 Henrique de... open changelog for 2-unofficial-mt.14-1 rng-tools-2-unofficial-mt.14-1
2011-06-18 Henrique de... pristine-tar data for rng-tools_2-unofficial-mt.14...
2011-06-18 Henrique de... Merge upstream version upstream/2-unofficial-mt.14
2011-06-18 Henrique de... remove, and stop tracking autogenerated files rng-tools-2-unofficial-mt.14
2011-06-18 Henrique de... update changelog and version for 2-unofficial-mt.14...
2011-06-18 Henrique de... viapadlock: work around xstore CPU errata