2020-03-13 mirabilosprepare for upload master rs-20200313-1
2020-03-13 mirabilosMerge tag 'rs-20200313'
2020-03-13 mirabiloshad to re-roll, Debian’s groff was more picky than... origtgz rs-20200313
2020-03-13 mirabilosprepare for release
2020-03-13 mirabilosensure as-needed can exclude strtonum if libc has it
2020-03-13 mirabilosrecord import of new upstream release
2020-03-13 mirabilosMerge tag 'rs-20200313'
2020-03-13 mirabilosrs-20200313.tar.gz
2020-03-13 mirabilosand lintian
2020-03-13 mirabiloslet it find rs.h
2020-03-13 mirabilosonly this works with dpkgbuildflagsmkescape
2020-03-13 mirabilosadjust
2020-03-13 mirabilosMerge branch 'origtgz'
2020-03-13 mirabilosupdate to latest CVS HEAD WIP
2020-03-11 mirabilosadd testcases for bad Unicode, ASCII mode
2020-03-11 needs perl-modules
2020-03-11 mirabilosjust in case check.t should ever be compressed
2020-03-11 mirabilosWIP autopkgtests
2020-03-11 mirabilosship check.t like mksh does
2020-03-11 mirabilosredo lintian
2020-03-11 mirabilosno use
2020-03-11 mirabilosflags
2020-03-11 mirabilosupstream delta needed to make it compile and test
2020-03-11 mirabilosdh7, grudgingly
2020-03-11 mirabilosjust bundle latest strtonum, like kwal does
2020-03-11 mirabilosbegin modernising the packaging
2020-03-11 mirabilosbegin updating for the new code
2020-03-11 mirabilosMerge branch 'origtgz'
2020-03-11 mirabiloscommit the current upstream WIP for porting
2019-01-05 mirabilosUMEGAYA etc. rs-20181225-1
2019-01-05 mirabilosupdate
2019-01-05 mirabilosMerge tag 'rs-20181225'
2019-01-05 mirabilosrs-20181225.tar.gz rs-20181225
2018-08-02 mirabilosthis is now required by Policy
2018-01-05 mirabiloslintian rs-20140609-5
2018-01-05 mirabilosmisc. updates
2016-12-22 mirabiloslintian clean rs-20140609-4
2016-12-22 mirabilosretake alone (by request of mikap); modernise while...
2014-10-07 Thorsten Glaserorphan rs-20140609-3
2014-07-08 Thorsten Glaserpublish rs-20140609-2
2014-07-08 Thorsten Glaserremove now-useless RCS IDs from CVS
2014-07-03 Thorsten Glaserrecord move to Alioth collab-maint git
2014-06-09 tgupdate
2014-06-09 tgimport new upstream version rs-20140609
2014-06-09 tgThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2012-04-14 tgupload with medium urgency due to RC bugfix
2012-04-14 tgadd a small testsuite
2012-04-14 tgmerge new upstream version (Closes: #668306)
2012-04-14 tgimport new rs upstream rs-20120414
2012-04-14 tgThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2012-03-25 tgprepare an upload
2012-03-25 tgimport updated upstream code rs-20120325
2012-03-25 tgThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2011-11-12 tglintian and d/rules cleanup round
2011-07-28 tgImport rs_20101029.orig.tar.gz rs-20101029
2011-07-28 tgThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2011-02-27 tgmore Multi-Arch: foreign
2010-10-30 tgmake rs into a Debian package for mikap