2019-11-11 mirabiloskeep medium urgency, sound fixes but not too bad ones musescore-general-soundfont musescore-general-soundfont_0.1.8-1
2019-11-11 mirabilosmodernise packaging (again); Enhances: musescore3
2019-11-11 mirabilosinstall upstream changelog with Unix line endings
2019-11-11 mirabilosupdate copyright for new version
2019-11-11 mirabilosdescribe repacking exclusion for next release
2019-08-02 mirabilosMerge tag 'fluidr3mono-gm-soundfont_2.315-6' into muses...
2019-08-02 mirabilossave a few bytes fluidr3mono-gm-soundfont fluidr3mono-gm-soundfont_2.315-6
2019-08-02 mirabilosfilter, not findstring; just use C.UTF-8 globally
2019-08-02 mirabilosMark remote-tracking branch 'origin/fluidr3mono-gm...
2019-08-02 mirabilosmodernise packaging; add new default-sf3 scheme
2019-08-02 mirabiloscatch up on a missed Provides from the package split musescore-general-soundfont_0.1.7-2
2019-08-02 mirabilosPolicy
2019-08-01 mirabilosindicate support for single-note dynamics
2019-05-23 mirabilosfirst cut at new “default soundfont” scheme, to be...
2019-04-16 mirabiloslintian spelling fix musescore-general-soundfont_0.1.7-1
2019-04-16 mirabilosprepare for upload
2019-04-16 mirabilosMuseScore_General_HQ description text
2019-04-16 mirabilosnew upstream version, castling rename upstream
2019-01-24 mirabilosdocument this, too musescore-general-soundfont_0.1.4-1
2019-01-24 mirabilosprepare for new version
2019-01-05 mirabiloslintian sez: debhelper++ musescore-general-soundfont_0.1.3-2
2019-01-05 mirabilosensure alternatives’ parent directories exist
2019-01-05 mirabilossave a few bytes
2019-01-05 mirabilosfirst cut at a Timidity(++) config
2019-01-05 mirabilosfix build
2019-01-05 mirabilosfirst cut at also shipping the SF2 soundfont
2018-12-14 mirabilosremove pointless file musescore-general-soundfont_0.1.3-1
2018-12-14 mirabilosprepare new upstream version
2018-12-14 mirabilosthis s̲h̲o̲u̲l̲d̲ be the first binary package, but...
2018-12-14 mirabiloslicencing information is version-specific
2018-12-14 mirabilosMerge branch 'fluidr3mono-gm-soundfont' of git+ssh...
2018-12-14 mirabilosprepare for upload, coordinated with new MS_General... fluidr3mono-gm-soundfont_2.315-5
2018-12-14 mirabilosprovide musescore-compatible-soundfont to be more futur...
2018-12-14 mirabilosas expected, we’ll need to override this
2018-12-14 mirabilosMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fluidr3mono-gm...
2018-12-14 mirabilosthis needs Conflicts after all:
2018-12-14 mirabilosRevert "add some debugging"
2018-12-14 mirabilosRevert "add some debugging"
2018-12-13 mirabilosalso Breaks (or Conflicts?) the last musescore-common...
2018-12-13 mirabilosalso Breaks (or Conflicts?) the last musescore-common...
2018-12-13 mirabiloslintian says: If you're
2018-12-13 mirabilosfirst round of lintian
2018-12-13 mirabilosfirst round of lintian
2018-12-13 mirabilosassign a useful set of provider soundfont orders:
2018-12-13 mirabilosadd some debugging
2018-12-13 mirabilosadd some debugging
2018-12-13 mirabilosprepare for testing
2018-12-13 mirabilosprepare for testing
2018-12-13 mirabilosupdate metadata and changelog
2018-12-13 mirabilosupdate metadata and changelog
2018-12-13 mirabilosreduce differences between fluidr3mono-gm-soundfont...
2018-12-13 mirabilosreduce differences between musescore-general-soundfont...
2018-12-13 mirabilosreally switch to alternatives for this file
2018-12-13 mirabilosalso here, let’s fight this out with latest lintian...
2018-12-13 mirabilossee commit 0123eefcb04b4777b3f976044e265235fc58172f
2018-12-13 mirabilosuse default compression and less total disc space footprint
2018-12-13 mirabilosbump S-V
2018-12-13 mirabilosI’ll fight this out with lintian later
2018-12-13 mirabilosexperimental move to update-alternatives (coordinated)
2018-12-13 mirabilosexperimental move to update-alternatives (coordinated)
2018-12-13 mirabilosupdate from 0.1.3 INAM
2018-08-02 mirabilosthis is now required by Policy
2018-04-20 mirabilossomeone else bugreported this…
2018-04-19 mirabilosreduce compression back to -8e, it only saves 252 bytes...
2018-03-25 mirabilostelling people it’s the MIT licence is a good idea fluidr3mono-gm-soundfont_2.315-4
2018-03-25 mirabilostelling people it’s the MIT licence is a good idea musescore-general-soundfont_0.1.1-2
2018-03-25 mirabilosoverride xz -9 warning
2018-03-25 mirabilossee commit d02810a8e6b298d09b1f3c4923c42498bd511ff4
2018-03-25 mirabilosuse xz -9e here, it’s larger than Fluid (R3) Mono so...
2018-03-25 mirabilossudden renaming of MS_General to MuseScore_General
2018-03-25 mirabiloslintian description-is-pkg-name musescore-general-soundfont_0.1.1-1
2018-03-25 mirabilosMerge branch 'fluidr3mono-gm-soundfont' of git+ssh...
2018-03-25 mirabiloschange the binary .deb compression: fluidr3mono-gm-soundfont_2.315-3
2018-03-25 mirabilosadd the diversion
2018-03-25 mirabilosmerge from MuseScore_General-sample_sources.csv
2018-03-25 mirabilosmerge changes from
2018-03-25 mirabilosadjust rules and chunks
2018-03-25 mirabilosremaining metadata for MS_General (except copyright...
2018-03-25 mirabilosneeds at least MuseScore 2.2, no idea which fluidsynth...
2018-03-25 mirabilosStart off musescore-general-soundfont as a copy of...
2018-03-25 mirabilosupdate quality settings from mrbumpy409 via IRC
2018-03-25 mirabilosupdate Enhances
2018-03-25 mirabilosswitch to using sf3convert
2018-03-15 mirabilosmark as M-A:foreign, thanks piuparts via DDPO
2018-03-15 mirabilosretain trailing newline in multiline field fluidr3mono-gm-soundfont_2.315-2
2018-03-15 mirabilosprovide MS_General.sf3 symlink which the other soundfon...
2018-03-15 mirabilosuse a more generally useful version of this script
2018-03-14 mirabilos2.2 will ship with MS_General instead:
2018-03-14 mirabilosadd VCS-* headers
2018-03-14 mirabilospackage only .gitignore + debian/ in VCS, exclude ...
2018-03-14 mirabiloscommit current WIP packaging to VCS
2018-03-14 mirabiloscommit initial packaging to VCS fluidr3mono-gm-soundfont_2.315-1