2019-03-23 mirabilosstable moved to buster master mksh-57a_wtf1
2019-03-23 mirabilosremove “ancient package version preinst”: lintian insis...
2019-03-23 mirabilosmaster now is buster
2019-03-23 mirabilosMerge branch 'master' of /home/tglase/mbsd/GIT/mksh/
2019-03-23 mirabilosMerge branch 'master' of /home/tglase/mbsd/DEB/mksh/
2019-03-01 mirabilosupdate for new upstream rollup release mksh-57-1
2019-03-01 mirabilosMerge tag 'mksh-57'
2019-03-01 mirabilosmksh-R57.tgz mksh-57
2019-03-01 tgbump
2019-03-01 tgimprove error message for inaccessible executables...
2019-03-01 tgMach’ halt Dein Unix nicht kaputt, basta! (LP#1817959)
2019-01-05 tgfix MKSH_EARLY_LOCALE_TRACKING warning
2019-01-05 mirabilosupdate mksh-56c-3
2019-01-05 mirabilosMerge branch 'origtgz'
2019-01-05 mirabilosupdate to today’s CVS HEAD
2019-01-05 tgdocument LP#1804504
2019-01-05 tgunwind with LEXIT ipv LLEAVE in XEXEC in one more place...
2018-12-25 tgupdate from contrib/samples/portmdoc,v 1.11
2018-12-12 tgsome more tweaks
2018-12-04 tgfix ksh-style close-on-exec-for-fds-above-2 in dup...
2018-10-30 tgadd O_MAYEXEC support for CLIP OS, zero cost otherwise
2018-10-20 mirabilosRevert "we build most stuff on stable": delta is d... mksh-56c.20181020_wtf1
2018-10-20 mirabiloswe build most stuff on stab…wait…
2018-10-20 mirabilosMark remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' as merged
2018-10-20 mirabilosMerge branch 'master' of /home/tglase/mbsd/DEB/mksh/
2018-10-20 mirabilosRevert to make merging easier, it’s all in Debian
2018-10-20 mirabilosMerge branch 'origtgz' mksh-56c-2
2018-10-20 mirabilosupdate to work around a bad GCC warning
2018-10-20 tgmove a largish block of code around to trick a GCC...
2018-10-20 mirabilosUMEGAYA
2018-10-20 mirabilos2/3 of appeasing lintian
2018-10-20 mirabilosmove file to appease lintian
2018-10-20 mirabiloswe got not one, not two, but THREE alternative libcs...
2018-10-20 mirabiloscatch up with policy bump and changelog; R³=no
2018-10-20 mirabilosMerge branch 'origtgz'
2018-10-20 mirabilosadd a CVS HEAD snapshot, for easier unmerging later on
2018-10-20 tgcatch up a little on test cases
2018-10-20 tgfixup high-bit7 chars to be dumped (XXX probably want...
2018-10-20 tgfix #1779179 (another case of signed integers sucking)
2018-10-19 mirabilosI fixed dietlibc
2018-10-07 tgspelling cleanup: “programme” is distinct from “program...
2018-10-06 mirabiloscurrent building state
2018-08-29 mirabilosmore Policy
2018-08-17 tgdo not repeat 0m0.00s
2018-08-10 tgsame as in commitid 1005B6CF36E3932B560, plus assorted...
2018-08-02 mirabilosthis is now required by Policy
2018-08-02 mirabilosthis is now required by Policy
2018-07-17 mirabilosRevert "exclude riscv64 from linux-any for klibc…"
2018-07-15 tgadd ctty tests
2018-07-15 tgagainst better judgement, allow unsetting COLUMNS:
2018-07-15 tgfix an error message
2018-07-15 tgfix a vi mode segfault when using ^W during a search...
2018-07-15 tgadd EU-DSGVO (GDPR) notice for the mailing list
2018-06-26 tgUnicode 11.0.0
2018-05-20 mirabilosexclude riscv64 from linux-any for klibc…
2018-05-20 mirabilosdietlibc/ia64 is broken in sid
2018-05-08 tgfix using “-m” on the command line; spotted by G.raud...
2018-05-07 tgfix typeset -L vs. Unicode: snprintf second arg was...
2018-04-28 tgCoverity Scan pointed out that lseek can return -1
2018-04-28 tgfix allexport for arrays; add testcase that also catche...
2018-04-28 tgcontrary to what I said in revision 1.453 we evidently...
2018-04-27 tgmove subsection on tty below job control one, pull...
2018-04-27 tgdocument some more on how the terminal state is affected
2018-04-27 tgonly ever make it possible to enter edit.c if tty_hasstate
2018-04-27 tgminor spelling in comment
2018-04-16 tgimprove exporting documentation:
2018-04-16 tgmove text on ${array} => ${array[0]} implicitly, it...
2018-03-17 tgquote empty strings for re-entry into shell
2018-03-09 tgmake ${foo#'bar'} in here document behave like ksh93
2018-01-25 tgMacintosh-specific updates from gecko2@
2018-01-14 mirabilosMerge branch 'master' of mksh-56c_wtf1
2018-01-14 mirabilosrely on Recommends to pull in jupp
2018-01-14 mirabilosMerge branch 'master' of /home/tglase/mbsd/DEB/mksh/
2018-01-14 mirabilosupload mksh-56c-1
2018-01-14 mirabilosbump
2018-01-14 mirabilosMerge branch 'origtgz'
2018-01-14 mirabilosmksh-R56c.tgz mksh-56c
2018-01-14 tgbump; add testcase provided by @mvdan on github
2018-01-14 tgclean up
2018-01-14 tgwrite ord’ed into c
2018-01-14 tgshf_getc{,har} need to return properly casted
2018-01-14 tgthis callback also needs to cast cleanly
2018-01-14 tgmove the cast earlier; the callback also needs it
2018-01-14 tgI think I’m onto something here… getsc_{uu,bn} never...
2018-01-14 tgI think the ord thing was a red herring
2018-01-14 tgafter literally HOURS of debugging, I got a working...
2018-01-14 tgplug the first couple of ctype bugs
2018-01-14 tgoops, casting negative char to size_t is… not nice
2018-01-14 tgrevert the CORD debugging aid
2018-01-13 tgDOSPATH fix
2018-01-13 tgsome ord() debugging; CORD for case, ORD evaluates...
2018-01-13 tgwarn when entering POSuX noncompliance
2018-01-13 tgimplement early (mediæval) locale tracking, as a compil...
2018-01-05 mirabiloslintian mksh-56b.20180105_wtf1
2018-01-05 mirabilosRecommends bc
2018-01-05 mirabilosMerge branch 'master' of /home/tglase/mbsd/GIT/mksh/
2018-01-05 mirabilosdowngrade again to debhelper 10
2018-01-05 mirabilosMerge branch 'master' of /home/tglase/mbsd/DEB/mksh/
2018-01-05 mirabilosfix pasto mksh-56b-4
2018-01-05 mirabilosMerge branch 'master' of /home/tglase/mbsd/DEB/mksh/