descriptionSupplemental git repository wtf-mksh for Evolvis project useful-scripts
last changeSun, 17 May 2020 01:32:56 +0000 (03:32 +0200)
2020-05-17 mirabilosbuild that master mksh-59b+wtf1
2020-05-17 mirabilosMerge branch 'master' of
2020-05-17 mirabilosMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2020-05-17 mirabilosactually, let ksh provide rksh, this’ll just work for... mksh-59b-1
2020-05-17 mirabilosif mksh{,-static} provides ksh, let mksh provide rksh
2020-05-17 mirabilosupdate changelog
2020-05-17 mirabilosdrop old-libc-caused known testsuite failures (no longe...
2020-05-17 mirabilosupdate for the new release
2020-05-17 mirabilosMerge tag 'mksh-59b'
2020-05-17 mirabilos/MirOS/dist/mir/mksh/mksh-R59b.tgz mksh-59b
2020-05-17 mirabilosdrop the hint-testsuite-triggers, it only confuses...
2020-05-16 tglgtm now
2020-05-16 tgif as_builtin skip_startup_files:
2020-05-16 tgdo the fstat only if used anyway
2020-05-16 tgrevamp AS_BUILTIN handling:
2020-05-16 tgpull processing of ‘-’, ‘r’, “sh” into one place (also...
5 months ago mksh-59b+wtf1 mksh (59b+wtf1) wtf; urgency=high
5 months ago mksh-59b-1 mksh (59b-1) unstable; urgency...
5 months ago mksh-59b mksh_59b.orig.tar.gz
5 months ago mksh-R59b
6 months ago mksh-59-1 mksh (59-1) experimental; urgency=low
6 months ago mksh-59 mksh_59.orig.tar.gz
6 months ago mksh-R59
6 months ago mksh-58a_wtf1_deb9u1 mksh (58a+wtf1~deb9u1) wtf; urgency...
6 months ago mksh-58a_wtf1_deb8u1 mksh (58a+wtf1~deb8u1) wtf; urgency...
6 months ago mksh-58a_wtf1_deb7u1 mksh (58a+wtf1~deb7u1) wtf; urgency...
6 months ago mksh-58a_wtf1_deb5u1 mksh (58a+wtf1~deb5u1) wtf; urgency...
6 months ago mksh-58a_wtf1_deb3.1u1 mksh (58a+wtf1~deb3.1u1) wtf; urgen...
6 months ago mksh-58a_wtf1 mksh (58a+wtf1) wtf; urgency=medium
6 months ago mksh-58-1 mksh (58-1) unstable; urgency=medium
6 months ago mksh-58 mksh_58.orig.tar.gz
6 months ago mksh-R58
5 months ago master
6 months ago stretch
6 months ago sarge
6 months ago lenny
6 months ago wheezy
6 months ago jessie
2 years ago dash-mksh
4 years ago debian/wheezy-backports
4 years ago debian/jessie-backports
4 years ago debian/master
4 years ago upstream