descriptionMain git repository for Evolvis project shellsnippets
last changeWed, 6 May 2015 14:52:03 +0000 (16:52 +0200)
2015-05-06 Thorsten GlaserPostgreSQL dump script master
2015-05-06 Thorsten Glaserrewrite to better facilitate replies (and add Enigmail...
2015-03-01 Thorsten Glaserlink to another GNU bash collection
2015-03-01 Thorsten Glaserthis really does not need to use which; thanks izabera...
2015-02-27 Thorsten Glaseradd coordinate conversion utility from QTH locator...
2014-12-12 Thorsten Glaserhandle failure better
2014-12-07 Thorsten Glasersetarch uname26 for DIST not in */*
2014-11-17 Thorsten Glaser*.deb extraction utility (also *.dsc by wrapping “dpkg...
2014-11-17 Thorsten Glasernext attempt, plus --keepmydata as FIRST(!) arg
2014-11-17 Thorsten Glaserexperimental old/new eatmydata support switch
2014-11-17 Thorsten Glaserexperimental automatic setarch generation
2014-11-17 Thorsten Glaserolder improvements to eatmydata handling (26-2)
2014-10-07 Thorsten Glaserfrom
2014-09-25 Thorsten Glaserno chmod +x in CVS
2014-09-25 Thorsten Glaserupdate the Uhr so it still runs with stricter mksh...
2014-07-20 Thorsten Glaserfunction to display waypoint in browser quickly
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