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2017-07-19 mirabilosupdate
2016-11-12 mirabilosupdate from MirBSD CVS
2015-07-07 Thorsten Glasermerge Creative Commons™ licence deed plaintext files...
2015-07-07 Thorsten Glasersubtree-merge plus...
2014-05-23 Thorsten Glasersync with MirBSD and tarent: proper CDATA escapes for...
2014-05-02 Thorsten Glaserupdates
2013-05-19 Thorsten Glaserupdates from MirBSD CVS
2012-09-23 Thorsten Glaserdebootstrap and InRelease modes
2012-04-06 Thorsten Glaserno sense in making arch:all when we have only one arch...
2011-12-03 Thorsten Glaserupdate from MirBSD masters
2011-06-09 Thorsten Glaserupdate from their respective sources
2011-03-09 Thorsten Glasermore stuff useful when developing for Debian