*.deb extraction utility (also *.dsc by wrapping “dpkg-source -x”)
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2014-05-23 Thorsten Glasersync with MirBSD and tarent: proper CDATA escapes for...
2014-04-15 Thorsten GlaserMerge remote-tracking branch 'tmp/master'
2014-01-11 Thorsten Glaserclosing stdin/stdout/stderr considered harmful, part 1
2013-09-05 Thorsten Glasersync
2013-06-26 Thorsten Glaseradd JBoss init/start scripts
2012-09-23 Thorsten Glasersupport for jessie, and another snapshot exclusion tag
2012-09-23 Thorsten Glaserdebootstrap and InRelease modes
2012-06-19 Thorsten Glaserthe Epoch is not part of a package’s filenames, ever.
2012-06-12 Thorsten Glaseradd exclude-files
2012-06-12 Thorsten Glaseradd support for https:// in deb lines
2012-05-09 Thorsten Glaserupdate some scripts
2012-05-07 Thorsten Glasernew option -f to skip running sync-available as that...
2011-12-18 Thorsten Glasermerge update from posix/pbuilder-hooks/B20lintian
2011-11-23 Thorsten Glaserscript to generate a user list from LDAP (with photos...
2011-11-17 Thorsten Glaserupdate (minor)
2011-11-17 Thorsten Glasertrick lintian into not checking the latest entry is...
2011-11-17 Thorsten Glasereek. when doing work on mirrored code, first commit...
2011-11-17 Thorsten Glaserwhen snapshot skip NMU warning; 10x formorer
2011-11-17 Thorsten Glasermandatory run lintian -vIiE --pedantic \o/ my friend…
2011-11-17 Thorsten GlaserJenkins integration with cowbuilder
2011-06-09 Thorsten GlaserAutomatic APT Repository build infrastructure
2011-06-09 Thorsten Glaserupdate from their respective sources
2011-06-09 Thorsten Glaseradd manpages from tarent repo
2011-03-09 Thorsten Glasersome scripts and stuff from the sysadmin area