3 days ago mirabilosupdate from MirBSD CVS master
13 days ago mirabilosadd a wrapper for the red tape around w --yesno, too...
13 days ago mirabilosimplement partitioning swap
13 days ago mirabilosnever use a numeric s at all any more, always relative
13 days ago mirabilosdefault to going to the next state
13 days ago mirabilosabstract the state machine away somewhat
13 days ago mirabilosstates end at 999 for simplicity
13 days ago mirabilosrefactor so states can “finish” any time with a return
13 days ago mirabilosfactor out
13 days ago mirabilosuse model-unspecific partition names and boot by partit...
13 days ago mirabilosswitch to raspi-firmware, from buster-backports if...
13 days ago mirabilosalways re-run raspi firmware setup script, we shall...
13 days ago mirabilosonly install WLAN firmware if WLAN selected (e.g. not...
2020-11-09 mirabilosallow reading text from stdin, too
2020-11-08 mirabilosallow infile, outfile and text to be passed as option...
2020-11-08 mirabilosa first version of the watermark script to seal persoko...
2020-10-30 mirabilosupdate from MirBSD CVS
2020-10-29 mirabilosupdate from MirBSD CVS, mostly for rcp -a
2020-07-18 mirabiloshttps
2020-07-03 mirabilosincrease space, kernels and especially initrds grow...
2020-06-21 mirabilosupdate from MirBSD CVS (new dot rules)
2020-06-21 mirabilosupdate SSV to use the correct field separator (ASCII...
2020-06-20 mirabilosoops, I mis-picked
2020-06-09 mirabilosadd an Emacs modeline
2020-06-02 mirabiloskeyboard layout quick switcher
2020-05-31 mirabiloswork around #961377 until a fix is in place
2020-05-31 mirabilosupdate from MirBSD CVS
2020-05-17 mirabilosconvenience env unset
2020-05-17 mirabilosadd support for CUSTOM chroots
2020-05-12 mirabilosUpdate from MirBSD CVS
2020-04-20 mirabilosfrom a v̲e̲r̲y̲ enlightening thread on lynx-dev…
2020-04-16 mirabilos
2020-04-16 mirabilosfix two things:
2020-04-16 mirabilosRomain says the FAT partition must be bootable for...
2020-04-15 mirabilosUpdate from MirBSD CVS
2020-03-12 mirabilossimplification for the easiest case
2020-03-12 mirabilosadd documentation links
2020-03-12 mirabiloswording
2020-03-12 mirabilosRevert "temporarily re-enable BSD ssh for testing"
2020-03-12 mirabilosgreatly simplify decision…
2020-03-12 mirabiloscould it become even simpler?
2020-03-12 mirabilosdistinguish ARE
2020-03-12 mirabilosannotate results with all variants
2020-03-12 mirabilosadd Tcl (for ARE as used in PostgreSQL)
2020-03-12 mirabilosrefactor: keep unescaped replacement string, c.p.
2020-03-12 mirabilostemporarily re-enable BSD ssh for testing
2020-03-12 mirabilos“what regular expression am I running?”
2020-03-05 mirabilosfinish the update checker
2020-03-05 mirabilosupdate from MirBSD CVS
2020-03-05 mirabilosupdate from MirBSD CVS and adjust accordingly
2020-03-05 mirabilosslightly update but exclude, newer needs valsubs
2020-03-05 mirabilosupdate from MirBSD CVS
2020-03-05 mirabilosdo something with the VCS IDs here; also, highlighting...
2020-03-05 mirabilosupdate from MirBSD CVS
2020-03-05 mirabilosinitial update checker
2020-03-05 mirabilosimprove docs
2020-02-11 mirabilosmake € on input line optional
2020-02-11 mirabilosUpdate from MirBSD CVS
2020-02-02 mirabilosUpdate (bugfix) from MirBSD CVS HEAD
2020-02-01 mirabiloscomputers are there to compute numbers, do it!
2020-01-23 mirabilosUpdate from MirBSD CVS
2019-12-20 mirabilosfix the locale and show the current time and ISO/German...
2019-12-04 mirabilosa mirabilos-support support script
2019-11-23 mirabilosMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2019-11-23 mirabilosupdate from MirBSD CVS
2019-11-14 mirabilosdo the new hip thing and add hosting service metadata...
2019-10-26 mirabilosadd status subcommand instead of running with set -x
2019-10-08 mirabilosunbreak dillo (cf. Debian #924357), easen links+ and...
2019-10-02 mirabilosor manually set up a swap partition
2019-10-02 mirabilosdrop sparse_super2 (prevents resize2fs); document how...
2019-09-27 mirabilosfilter invalid/reserved TLDs (a beginning: Zeroconf)
2019-09-19 mirabilos… that was a tad too verbose
2019-09-19 mirabilosimprove instructions (whiptail, again, being unhelpful)
2019-09-19 mirabilosquery about architecture interactively
2019-09-19 mirabiloswe can do 32 bit, too (armhf)
2019-09-18 mirabilosthis is what update-locale does when you select an...
2019-09-18 mirabiloslet “OVERWRITE ALL DATA?” prompt default to NO, as...
2019-09-18 mirabilosmore portability to nōn-Debian hosts:
2019-09-18 mirabilosthis step is always needed on this board
2019-09-18 mirabilosdo normal-exit cleanup before user instructibles
2019-09-18 mirabilosinstructions on installing from bpo (as it’s enabled...
2019-09-18 mirabilosapply bugfix from right now
2019-09-18 mirabilosupdate from mirabilos-support (57)
2019-09-18 mirabilosprevent numeric user ID of host system leakage into...
2019-09-18 mirabilosease running on a nōn-Debian (but GNU/Linux) host:
2019-09-18 mirabilosset sensible locale default if the user just hit Enter
2019-09-17 mirabilosreset the tty state in unwinding
2019-09-17 mirabilosinline only use of dieif(), I solved it differently...
2019-09-17 mirabilosadd tons more comments explaining what/why we do
2019-09-17 mirabilosrecord bug numbers for some outstanding issues
2019-09-17 mirabilosstreamline so we need to chroot once only (plus once...
2019-09-17 mirabilosslightly improved wording
2019-09-17 mirabilosWIP → finished!
2019-09-17 mirabilosmark as still WIP
2019-09-17 mirabilosclean up a bit better to minimise sparse image size
2019-09-17 mirabilosadd anacron and missing Debian (OS) version to linuxlog...
2019-09-17 mirabilosadd an apt autoremove to the finishing mix
2019-09-16 mirabilosminimally shuffle setup steps
2019-09-16 mirabilosAdd Raspberry Pi 3B+ SD card / image creator to install...
2019-08-23 mirabilosbecause py3k nor js can output fixed floats with full...