2021-09-28 mirabilosconstruct the target /dev tmpfs under yet another tmpfs… master
2021-09-28 mirabilosavoid doing 'var=value cmd'
2021-09-28 mirabilosdo not over-redirect stdin if that's where the shell...
2021-09-24 mirabilosimprove image umounting/etc. error handling
2021-09-24 mirabilossh -c needs another argument in between for using ...
2021-09-24 mirabilossome message optimisation for the rpi command
2021-09-24 mirabilosadd oneshot RPi image/SD card mount+go+umount command
2021-09-24 mirabilosclear tty after running; from
2021-09-23 mirabilosfix command before target for . (cwd)
2021-09-23 mirabilosuse workaround, copying the mapper devices used (tested...
2021-09-23 mirabilosthis should pick up mmcblk as well
2021-09-23 mirabilosmissing mmcblk can be fixed by now
2021-09-23 mirabilosRevert "use UTS namespace to change to the target’s...
2021-09-23 mirabilosuse UTS namespace to change to the target’s hostname
2021-09-23 mirabilosset up /dev as copy of host’s but with fixed uid/gid...
2021-09-20 mirabiloshuh, rpi /dev/ doesn’t have mmcblk by default, and...
2021-09-20 mirabilosupdate header accordingly
2021-09-20 mirabiloshuh that can be many questions… tell the user he can...
2021-09-20 mirabilosfactor out
2021-09-20 mirabilosswitch to raspi-firmware, from buster-backports if...
2021-09-20 mirabilosalways re-run raspi firmware setup script, we shall...
2021-09-20 mirabilosonly install WLAN firmware if WLAN selected (e.g. not...
2021-09-20 mirabilosrestore posix/ until posix/
2021-09-13 mirabilosadd helpers for chrooting into Debians (e.g. with qemu...
2021-09-10 mirabilosan lv is also unique enough… unless you name all your...
2021-09-10 mirabilosadd swapencrypt docs and utility
2021-08-19 mirabiloshuh that can be many questions… tell the user he can...
2021-08-18 mirabilosupdate from MirBSD CVS
2021-07-30 mirabilosquick CVS revision checker
2021-07-21 mirabilosupdate CVS update script to account for Dead revisions
2021-07-21 mirabilosshow nearest neighbour versions
2021-07-21 mirabilospass parameters as filter arguments to dpkg-query
2021-07-21 mirabilosuse a progress bar and temp files instead
2021-07-21 mirabilosfirst cut at dpkg/APT repo checker
2021-07-02 mirabilosupdate from MirBSD CVS
2021-07-02 mirabilosconvenience +x
2021-06-10 mirabilosfix maintainer script file permissions in control tarball
2021-05-10 mirabilosmake life a little easier
2021-05-03 mirabilosupdate for latest pax
2021-05-03 mirabilosuse a slightly more universal path
2021-05-03 mirabilosupdate from MirBSD CVS
2021-04-22 mirabilossome further cleanup and optimisation
2021-04-22 mirabilosRevert "this might be another speedup…" as the figures...
2021-04-22 mirabilosbring back consistent output wrt optional redundancy
2021-04-22 mirabilosthis might be another speedup…
2021-04-22 mirabilosmassive speedup by some reorganisation and optimisation
2021-04-22 mirabilosadd script to sort, merge and format IP addresses:
2021-03-27 mirabilosallow SUDO= c …
2021-03-24 mirabilosconvenience
2021-03-15 mirabilos[WIP] fix bugs, add tons of enhancements; not yet usabl...
2021-03-13 mirabilosthese need not be executable
2021-03-11 mirabilosadd some shellcheck, which is rather opinionated…
2021-03-10 mirabilosupdate from MirBSD CVS
2021-03-10 mirabilosallow “k .rdp” to load ~/.Xmodmap.rdp (any dot-prefixed $1)
2020-11-26 mirabilosupdate from MirBSD CVS
2020-11-16 mirabilosadd a wrapper for the red tape around w --yesno, too...
2020-11-16 mirabilosimplement partitioning swap
2020-11-16 mirabilosnever use a numeric s at all any more, always relative
2020-11-16 mirabilosdefault to going to the next state
2020-11-16 mirabilosabstract the state machine away somewhat
2020-11-16 mirabilosstates end at 999 for simplicity
2020-11-16 mirabilosrefactor so states can “finish” any time with a return
2020-11-15 mirabilosfactor out
2020-11-15 mirabilosuse model-unspecific partition names and boot by partit...
2020-11-15 mirabilosswitch to raspi-firmware, from buster-backports if...
2020-11-15 mirabilosalways re-run raspi firmware setup script, we shall...
2020-11-15 mirabilosonly install WLAN firmware if WLAN selected (e.g. not...
2020-11-09 mirabilosallow reading text from stdin, too
2020-11-08 mirabilosallow infile, outfile and text to be passed as option...
2020-11-08 mirabilosa first version of the watermark script to seal persoko...
2020-10-30 mirabilosupdate from MirBSD CVS
2020-10-29 mirabilosupdate from MirBSD CVS, mostly for rcp -a
2020-07-18 mirabiloshttps
2020-07-03 mirabilosincrease space, kernels and especially initrds grow...
2020-06-21 mirabilosupdate from MirBSD CVS (new dot rules)
2020-06-21 mirabilosupdate SSV to use the correct field separator (ASCII...
2020-06-20 mirabilosoops, I mis-picked
2020-06-09 mirabilosadd an Emacs modeline
2020-06-02 mirabiloskeyboard layout quick switcher
2020-05-31 mirabiloswork around #961377 until a fix is in place
2020-05-31 mirabilosupdate from MirBSD CVS
2020-05-17 mirabilosconvenience env unset
2020-05-17 mirabilosadd support for CUSTOM chroots
2020-05-12 mirabilosUpdate from MirBSD CVS
2020-04-20 mirabilosfrom a v̲e̲r̲y̲ enlightening thread on lynx-dev…
2020-04-16 mirabilos
2020-04-16 mirabilosfix two things:
2020-04-16 mirabilosRomain says the FAT partition must be bootable for...
2020-04-15 mirabilosUpdate from MirBSD CVS
2020-03-12 mirabilossimplification for the easiest case
2020-03-12 mirabilosadd documentation links
2020-03-12 mirabiloswording
2020-03-12 mirabilosRevert "temporarily re-enable BSD ssh for testing"
2020-03-12 mirabilosgreatly simplify decision…
2020-03-12 mirabiloscould it become even simpler?
2020-03-12 mirabilosdistinguish ARE
2020-03-12 mirabilosannotate results with all variants
2020-03-12 mirabilosadd Tcl (for ARE as used in PostgreSQL)
2020-03-12 mirabilosrefactor: keep unescaped replacement string, c.p.
2020-03-12 mirabilostemporarily re-enable BSD ssh for testing