2015-02-27 Thorsten Glaseradd coordinate conversion utility from QTH locator...
2014-12-12 Thorsten Glaserhandle failure better
2014-12-07 Thorsten Glasersetarch uname26 for DIST not in */*
2014-11-17 Thorsten Glaser*.deb extraction utility (also *.dsc by wrapping “dpkg...
2014-11-17 Thorsten Glasernext attempt, plus --keepmydata as FIRST(!) arg
2014-11-17 Thorsten Glaserexperimental old/new eatmydata support switch
2014-11-17 Thorsten Glaserexperimental automatic setarch generation
2014-11-17 Thorsten Glaserolder improvements to eatmydata handling (26-2)
2014-10-07 Thorsten Glaserfrom
2014-09-25 Thorsten Glaserno chmod +x in CVS
2014-09-25 Thorsten Glaserupdate the Uhr so it still runs with stricter mksh...
2014-07-20 Thorsten Glaserfunction to display waypoint in browser quickly
2014-07-03 Thorsten Glasersimple Inline PGP decrypter
2014-06-24 Thorsten Glaserstrip after _ for bts, too
2014-06-20 Thorsten Glaserencode Python strings more correctly than before
2014-06-05 Thorsten Glasercooler
2014-06-05 Thorsten Glasernew XHTML validator shorthand
2014-05-23 Thorsten Glasersync with MirBSD and tarent: proper CDATA escapes for...
2014-05-23 Thorsten Glaserbacklink to useful-scripts.git
2014-05-02 Thorsten Glaserupdates
2014-05-02 Thorsten Glasershave off one redirect
2014-04-21 Thorsten Glaserfix non-underscore pts as:
2014-04-18 Thorsten GlaserMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://mirabilos@evolvis...
2014-04-15 Thorsten GlaserMerge remote-tracking branch 'tmp/master'
2014-04-15 Thorsten Glaseradd packages.d.o and relateds support
2014-04-15 Thorsten Glaseradd LP bug support
2014-03-29 Thorsten Glaseravoid a redirect
2014-03-02 Thorsten Glaserfix
2014-01-27 Thorsten Glaser<Natureshadow> 01-27 19:18 <== Wesentlich schlankere...
2014-01-11 Thorsten Glaserclosing stdin/stdout/stderr considered harmful, part 1
2014-01-11 Thorsten Glasernewest goodies from dot.mkshrc
2014-01-11 Thorsten Glaserenhance bts with lp:1234567
2013-12-30 Thorsten Glaseramend for sarge
2013-12-23 Thorsten Glaseroriginal /var/cache/pbuilder/base.cow-sarge-i386/usr...
2013-12-16 Thorsten Glasernew pastebin to replace, From: <rupa...
2013-12-16 Thorsten Glaserhardy needs linux32 --uname-2.6 for debootstrap
2013-11-30 Thorsten GlaserUpdate from MirBSD CVS:
2013-11-23 Thorsten Glaseradd useful tool to recombine files split on their first...
2013-11-04 Thorsten Glaserupdate from tarent-admins svn
2013-11-03 Thorsten Glaseroptimise one tr(1) away by telling read the line delimi...
2013-09-09 Thorsten Glaseroops…
2013-09-09 Thorsten Glasercowbuilder/eatmydata helper
2013-09-05 Thorsten Glasersync
2013-09-05 Thorsten Glaserspaces → tab
2013-09-05 Dominik George> compare with mksh/uhr ;-)
2013-09-05 Thorsten Glaseruse XDG
2013-09-05 Thorsten Glaseradd Natureshadow's (Bashinators) analog clock, in both...
2013-09-05 Dominik GeorgeAdded utf8-select, an interactive mksh+dialog UTF8...
2013-08-28 Thorsten Glasergpg2 and OpenSuSE workarounds
2013-06-27 Thorsten Glaseradd larger sample CGI application from tarent-activity
2013-06-26 Thorsten Glaserprovide access to the apt-file functionality of the PTS
2013-06-26 Thorsten Glaseradd JBoss init/start scripts
2013-05-23 Thorsten Glaseradd more functions from my ~/.profile
2013-05-22 Thorsten Glaserfrom admin.svn: do not forcibly set the timezone; add...
2013-05-22 Thorsten Glasersync with admin.svn
2013-05-19 Thorsten Glaserupdates from MirBSD CVS
2013-05-19 Thorsten Glaseronly one of these
2013-04-26 Thorsten Glasermerge from MirBSD (if just to give a good example,...
2013-04-26 Thorsten Glaseradd generic LDAP parser for assockit
2013-04-09 Thorsten Glaserscript converting binary input to ksh print statement...
2012-11-08 Thorsten Glaserupdate from MirBSD/contrib: unbreak for stdin (“-”)
2012-11-08 Thorsten Glaserdrop useless RCS ID
2012-11-08 Thorsten Glaseruse a publicly accessible server for additional entropy...
2012-11-08 Thorsten Glasercompanion script for bash-ksh/generate-pgpkey-for-at...
2012-10-19 Thorsten Glaserupdate from MirBSD master: more security for arc4random...
2012-10-08 Thorsten Glaseradd support for php-style arrays in QUERY_STRING
2012-10-08 Thorsten Glasernik wants a QUERY_STRING parser, so give him one, for...
2012-10-07 Thorsten Glasercheck that requested documents and dirindicēs lie withi...
2012-10-07 Thorsten Glaseradd HTTPS downloader script for natureshadow’s git...
2012-09-27 Thorsten Glasersync from MirBSD: fix over-zealous optimisation that...
2012-09-23 Thorsten Glaseranalog clock
2012-09-23 Thorsten Glasertool to play streams from the BSD terminal
2012-09-23 Thorsten Glaserfurther fixes for manpage cross-references
2012-09-23 Thorsten Glaserreplacement
2012-09-23 Thorsten Glaserreplace with improved/updated versions
2012-09-23 Thorsten Glasersupport for jessie, and another snapshot exclusion tag
2012-09-23 Thorsten Glaserdebootstrap and InRelease modes
2012-09-23 Thorsten Glasermore examples
2012-09-23 Thorsten GlaserLC_ALL=C; detect zsh-old, yash, lksh, pdksh as sh;...
2012-09-23 Thorsten Glaseroh please, https
2012-09-02 Thorsten Glaseradd tool to store a BDF font in a more terse format...
2012-07-29 Thorsten Glasercommand-line client for streams
2012-07-15 Thorsten Glasertime manipulation functions in Pure mksh™
2012-06-19 Thorsten Glaserthe Epoch is not part of a package’s filenames, ever.
2012-06-12 Thorsten Glaseradd exclude-files
2012-06-12 Thorsten Glaseradd support for https:// in deb lines
2012-05-09 Thorsten Glaserupdate some scripts
2012-05-07 Thorsten Glasernew option -f to skip running sync-available as that...
2012-05-06 Thorsten Glaserexplicitly encode spaces as ‘+’ for $BROWSER
2012-05-06 Thorsten Glaserlet Debian get revenue from DuckDuckGo calls
2012-04-16 Thorsten Glaseruse a function if we define it already (possible renamo)
2012-04-07 Thorsten GlaserAO3 EPUB files are structured slightly differently...
2012-04-07 Thorsten Glaserdownload an article from usenet/GMane via msgid or...
2012-04-06 Thorsten Glaserno sense in making arch:all when we have only one arch...
2012-04-06 Thorsten Glasercan’t forget sprunge
2012-04-06 Thorsten Glaserbetter etch compatibility
2012-04-06 Thorsten Glaseradd copyright licence fallback for Public Domain works
2012-01-17 Thorsten Glaserminimal shell templating engine example, using Perl
2011-12-31 Thorsten Glaserprofile function to run CR-LF line ended script with...
2011-12-18 Thorsten Glasermerge update from posix/pbuilder-hooks/B20lintian