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8 days ago mirabilosmake life a little easier master
2021-05-03 mirabilosupdate for latest pax
2021-05-03 mirabilosuse a slightly more universal path
2021-05-03 mirabilosupdate from MirBSD CVS
2021-04-22 mirabilossome further cleanup and optimisation
2021-04-22 mirabilosRevert "this might be another speedup…" as the figures...
2021-04-22 mirabilosbring back consistent output wrt optional redundancy
2021-04-22 mirabilosthis might be another speedup…
2021-04-22 mirabilosmassive speedup by some reorganisation and optimisation
2021-04-22 mirabilosadd script to sort, merge and format IP addresses:
2021-03-27 mirabilosallow SUDO= c …
2021-03-24 mirabilosconvenience
2021-03-15 mirabilos[WIP] fix bugs, add tons of enhancements; not yet usabl...
2021-03-13 mirabilosthese need not be executable
2021-03-11 mirabilosadd some shellcheck, which is rather opinionated…
2021-03-10 mirabilosupdate from MirBSD CVS
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