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ownerThorsten Glaser
last changeTue, 14 Jul 2020 17:49:27 +0000 (19:49 +0200)
2020-07-14 mirabilosnote from upstream master
2020-07-14 mirabilosdrop stand-alone utility, and with it most dependencies
2020-01-31 mirabilosdocument status
2019-11-14 mirabilosdo the new hip thing and add hosting service metadata...
2019-06-08 mirabilosdocument that geohashing currently does not work
2019-06-08 mirabilosupdate to untainting version
2019-06-08 mirabilosupdate OC.DE GPX URI
2019-06-08 mirabilosupdate XML escaping code and apply it more rigorously
2019-06-08 mirabiloscheck GPX content for rudimentary plausibility
2019-06-08 mirabilosensure sole trailing newline in GPX output
2019-06-08 mirabilosupdate and partially reimplement
2019-06-08 mirabilosstrict identical copy from MirBSD CVS
2018-11-05 mirabiloslet’s try to open things in a new tab
2018-11-05 mirabilosadd a nextbike map helper, their äpp fails to show...
2018-05-13 mirabilosalso parse OSM #map=zoom/lat/lon
2018-05-13 mirabilossupport new OSM format of using slashes
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