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Project: Invio
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Project Member List

If you would like to contribute to this project by becoming a developer, contact one of the project admins, designated in bold text below.

DeveloperSummaryOpen DateLast Modified
Alexander Junggeburth Alexander Junggeburth Admin
Bugs 5624 route starts at entrance although users position is displayed (timing) 69 Months Ago 69 Months Ago
Bugs 5758 Screen is not locked when searching for promotions 68 Months Ago 67 Months Ago
Bugs 5351 calibration screen pops up 71 Months Ago 69 Months Ago

Cristian Molina Cristian Molina Admin

Desiree Amling Desiree Amling Admin
Bugs 5375 app starts on 2nd attempt when map is misconfigured 71 Months Ago 64 Months Ago

Dirk Stark Dirk Stark Admin

David Seca González David Seca González Admin

Florian Wallner Florian Wallner Admin

Gereon Steffens Gereon Steffens Admin

Gregor Weckbecker Gregor Weckbecker Admin

Jan Schmitt Jan Schmitt Admin
Bugs 5602 search dialog forever without internet/no reconnect or timeout 69 Months Ago 64 Months Ago

Kai Ebenrett Kai Ebenrett Admin

Katja Hapke Katja Hapke Admin

Martin Buhren Martin Buhren Admin

Martin Gernhardt Martin Gernhardt Admin
Aufgaben 4895 Whitepaper Indoor-Navigation erstellen 77 Months Ago 77 Months Ago
Aufgaben 4973 invio für Veranstaltungen auf die Homepage aufnehmen 75 Months Ago 75 Months Ago
Aufgaben 4893 Produktpräsentation in Englisch 77 Months Ago 77 Months Ago
Bugs 5365 Backend REST-Interface: Exception beim hochladen einer Kartengrafik 71 Months Ago 70 Months Ago
Bugs 5368 fingerprints are overwritten on upload 71 Months Ago 71 Months Ago
Bugs 5521 promotion displayed without reduced price 69 Months Ago 69 Months Ago
Bugs 5985 german wording partially missing 64 Months Ago 63 Months Ago
Bugs 4930 admin-app: man kann aus Karte rauswandern 75 Months Ago 75 Months Ago
Bugs 5555 search results list contains search field, not updated 69 Months Ago 64 Months Ago

Miluška Pech Miluška Pech Admin

Robert Linden Robert Linden Admin

Robert Schuster Robert Schuster Admin

Ricarda Steffens Ricarda Steffens Admin
Bugs 5852 Compare fingerprints: results are not interpretable 65 Months Ago 65 Months Ago
Bugs 5700 Motion detection does not work for Samsung phones 68 Months Ago 68 Months Ago
Bugs 5853 Compare fingerprints: results of the tracker are not deterministic 65 Months Ago 65 Months Ago
Bugs 5851 numeration of fingerprints are wrong & not all fingerprints are ploted 65 Months Ago 65 Months Ago
Bugs 5299 c++-Tracker: segmentation fault bei Aufruf ohne Input 72 Months Ago 72 Months Ago

Thomas Krille Thomas Krille Admin

Stefan Barth Stefan Barth Senior Developer

Serkan Topaloglu Serkan Topaloglu Senior Developer

Slave McJenkins Slave McJenkins Bot